Edo-Tokyo Open-air Architectural Museum part2.

It's some kind of my routine activity to go to "Edo-Tokyo Open-air Architectural Museum". Always I go there and find new thing.

There was a time when one of my grandmother was still alive, and her home has such kind of old style phone... It reminds me of an old days that never comes back... She was one of the most friendly and close to me.

Well, do you know what they are? they are seals and marks that have their own meanings. Second one from above marks is simply written "dog". That cautions people this home has a dog. It's good for keeping some people away from theft or people who are terrible with dogs.
(I love dogs, by the way ;)

Do you know what this is again? It's a broom for the garden ! We don't use this kind of broom recently since many houses in urban area don't have any garden :D

I like this place the best of all of this museum ;)

It's a place where they sell dried things like seaweeds, shrimps, squids, eggs (Is this dried thing!?) and so on. Of course they are replica, but it's mouth watering !

Those dried squids are called surume-ika, People usually eat it with drinking alcohol ;) You can find it with one portion even in the convenience store.

It was a beautiful sky at that time. I like looking up to the sky and clouds. That's the moment when I belong to the space.

Edo-Tokyo Open-air Architectural Museum is located in the outskirt in Tokyo.
Admission fee is 400 yen, or about $5.

I have a passport for a year ;)


  1. Suzanne9/10/2012

    konnichiwa! How are you doing? It's 4.00PM here and my schoolday finished at 2.20PM
    And yes, here in Holland people ride their bikes EVERYWHERE. Even in big cities with busy streets and cars it's safe to cycle.

    Me? I go to school by bike everyday. It takes about 30 minutes and along the way I meet up with my best friend, which makes it even more fun. I really enjoy cycling to school, especially when it's nice and warm outside (I get cold very easily, don't know why...) and I can see the sunrise ^^
    I live at the beach (I love it!!) in a big town. And my school is in a town nearby. I ride an "Old Dutch" bike, which looks a bit different from the normal ones. It's big and sturdy. (You can google it if you'd like to see what it looks like ;)

    Sadly, I didn't work this weekend, nor will I be working next weekend. My boss is still trying to fit me in somewhere which takes some time. I can't wait though :D
    If I got to choose I wouldn't be working in the weekend, I would be relaxing just like you do. But because of school I don't have much time to work during those days. The weekend is the only thing left...

    What do you do to relax? I like having a drink with friends, cooking/baking, going out for dinner, exploring things and exercising(especially running and cycling)

    bye! have a nice day.

    by the way, you really love this museum don't you? ;D well, it does look very pretty..

  2. Konbanha, Suzanne ;)
    It's good to hear that cars and cycles share streets in your country. In Japan, many bicycle cycle in the pedestrian roads, so it's a bit rare to find people riding on the bicycles on the car roads. But many, as well as me, who like and enjoy cycling are riding on the roads for cars.
    I googled your bicycle by the way! It looks old style, and cool. I definitely such kind of things :)

    Well, you will not start working until next weekend. You can enjoy your holidays by now :) I started working in the coffee shop as I told you before, so I have two part-time job !

    I like making coffee or chatting with a friend for taking a rest. I also like going for dinner. I like cooking, and I love eating :)

    Yes, I love this museum. And you said before that you want to see inside house in the traditional ones, so I shot it ;)

  3. Suzanne9/13/2012

    Hello! :D
    Today I went on a field trip to Amsterdam and it was as fun as ever. It was part of a project for geography and we had to give presentations on various locations.
    Our teacher was so nice! He treated us with cappuccino >my favourite!< and we took the subway. It was my first time ever riding the subway. I really enjoyed it. ;)

    We took the train early in the morning (I had to get up at 6.20AM! :0 I never get up so early) Right now I am relaxing from this tiring day (while listening to "bump of chicken" ;) I finally got home at 6.10PM and immediately had dinner. At what time do you usually have dinner?

    You're right! instead of worrying about when I will finally be able to go to work, I should take advantage of the days off. you're a genius!
    2 part-time jobs?! seems to me like you are quite busy..

    Wow, cycling in Japan seems quite difficult since there are no seperate roads for bicycles. Now I'm concerned for you!
    I got hit by a car once and it was the worst thing I ever experienced. I was gently riding my bike to school and BAM the car hit me in front. I couldn't get up myself and then the ambulance came en the police and it was raining and I was crying. And my beloved bike was a mess.
    Luckily, the car didn't actually ran over me but just bumped into me. I did had bruises all over my body and a huge headache and some scratches.

    Ah thanks, the pictures are beautiful! If I ever visit Japan (I hope really soon) I'll go and take a look at this museum as well.

    Like always, it's a pleasure talking to you!

    Oh I almost forgot, I saw Japan won the soccer qualification match versus Iraq with 1-0. I was rooting for you guys ;D
    I really enjoy watching the EU cup and the World Cup. What kind of sports do you like? I love Judo (I practised it when I was younger)

    1. Good morning, it's 7:42 AM.
      It's surprising to hear that you got up at 6:20 and still early for you. I am a early person, and usually wake up at 5:30AM :D It doesn't matter whether it's weekday or not. I like waking up early and going to bed early too.

      You got a subway for the first time. Wow, it's sound nice ! Back in my hometown Nagoya, it has some subways that are used for commute for many people, and so is in Tokyo.

      Me ? I usually have dinner at 19 o'clock like any other families in my country :) I started a part-time job in the new place, so it getting more busy. Yet I really love cooking and always spend enough time for that. For the record, my elder brother had 3 part-time job when he was a university student. I can't do this ! If I did such thing, I couldn't tell which is which for today's working.

      I am sorry to hear the accident which happened to you. I had once when I was younger than today, but it wasn't so terrible one. The car hit me and I dropped on the road. Thankfully, both car and I was low speed in the narrow place, I only needed to go to hospital once for make sure I was OK.

      Do you like sports ? I....don't do any sports except cycling :( I don't have a TV in my current home, I even didn't see London Olympic :( I am a home person, I spend much time to cooking, reading, and talking with you ;)

  4. 石巻のスルメいか。。。回復しましたかも。。。

    1. このスルメイカはレプリカでした!また本物を安心して食べられる日が来るといいですねぇ・・・!

  5. そうだね!今日か明日江戸建物園に行きます!!!御紹介ありがとう!

    1. いつかLe Chalet de l'Arêteさんと一緒に江戸東京たてもの園行きたいです!

  6. ありがとう!東小金井のほうはフランスレストラン見つかれるかもしれませんね。昨日中野Broadwayに行きました。オタクではないがとても楽しかったです!

    1. おはようございます^^♪