Tsumago, old post town in Gifu prefecture.

Driving through bendy roads, it's finally there. The place called "Tsumago" or "Tsumago-juku", an old, silent place in Gifu prefecture. I love this place, near from my hometown, not so many people except astonishing autumn leaves in the fall.

During Edo-era, this town was along the main roads. People travel or bring their own stuff to sell dropped in at Tsumago and other similar towns like Magome ( I will post it with this blog in the near future.)

After Meiji-era, in the period of modernization, these old towns were almost forgotten. However, thanks for forgotten, many houses and buildings are kept well.

Look, Gifu prefecture is mountainous, seems secret place like the film in Princess Mononoke doesn't it ?

I was hungry, so...

I got green tea and traditional sweets called "Gohei-mochi", which is made of rice, and with sweet source.

From the inside restaurant. Perfect ! ;)


  1. Wow amazing place!!! Like a dream!

    1. There are lots of place like this in Gifu and Nagano prefecture, along with the old road called "kisoji". You must visit there ! It's really like a dream !!

  2. Suzanne9/26/2012

    Ohayou! :D

    School finished today at 1 o'clock so I had a lot of free time today ^^ and I made good use of it. I was prepping for cooking dinner tonight. Something Italian, which I really like :D

    I am glad to hear that you can start cycling your bike really soon now. I hope you'll enjoy it. Today the weather in Holland was nice, although the wind was blowing hard the sun was shining and it wasn't too cold for me. I hope it will stay this way because I don't like to cycle to school in the rain :p How cold does it get in Tokyo in winter? and do you have lots of snow?

    I like hot places as well, so in the holidays I go to Belgium, Spain or France and Italy or I just stay here in Holland since it can get quite warm here. In autumn I usually travel to Austria for about a week to go skiing or snowboarding. Can you ski or snowboard? I heard there are some nice places in Japan to go skiing :)

    Oh yes here in Holland we have lots of windmills and tulips. I actually live in a region called 'Bollenstreek', which is famous for their flowers in all sorts of colors. I also see many Japanese people on their holidays taking pictures of them, which gives me joy. :D

    I hope you will enjoy Kyoto and that you can take some nice pictures for me to see ^^

    Oh and I love your new post, the pictures of that town are amazing and those small alleys with the old buildings look beautiful. The surroundings are nice as well. Here in Holland we don't have any mountains at all that's why I really like mountainous views, I plan on climbing mt. Fuji someday. And when that day comes I will take the most beautiful pictures of it!

    And don't worry, I won't forget to keep in touch. I really like your blog and I'll never stop reading and commenting on it!


    1. Konbanwa, Suzanne ;)

      I'm really sorry for late reply as usual...:(
      I was preparing for taking a short trip to my hometown Nagoya which come back tomorrow. I managed to finish it, and finally I can reply to you :)

      Do you like Italian food ? So am I ! I especially love pasta like vongole bianco, carbonara and so on.

      We had a nice weather in Tokyo in this morning, but typhoon is coming and we are havinf lots of rain right now. I don't like rainy day since I like going out and take a walk or shooting pictures. We don't have a lot of snow in Tokyo; we usually have only a few times in a year. Maybe because it's quite unusual, I don't hate it. Skiing and snowboard ? Always sound nice, but it's been a while since I went skiing last time. Probably more than 10 years...?(wow;))

      You don't have any mountains in your country ! I can't believe it... I was grown up in the house where it was in the front of the small mountain. Everyday waking up, I could see it.

      I was thinking what I am supposed to post for today...
      Well, I will post some picture around me this time :)