Cooking butatama is always fun for me. cabbage, flour, eggs, pork, and toppings.

It's mainly eaten in Kansai area, including Osaka and so on. There is a food called "okonomiyaki", looks alike. I don't know the difference between them :D Moreover, I had never known this food before I found it in the book few years ago.
Anyway, this Butatama is really nice. Flour and eggs....perfect combination !


  1. Suzanne9/18/2012

    Hi! I'm back :D
    I have been very busy these past few days. I was swamped in homework and I've got all sorts of tests coming up for English and French.

    The food looks delicious! I was waiting for another post from you about food. I actually made cupcakes the other day, they were awesome! :D

    So...A few days ago I was watching a travel show on television and it featured Japan ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
    of course they mentioned the fact that earthquakes are a daily occurrence. Anyway, while I was watching the television I suddenly thought of you. You must have experienced loads of quakes so how does it feel? are you scared Have you ever been in a really bad situation?

    Well, as always it's nice talking to you! ;)

    1. Hi Suzanne ;)
      You always look busy. Are you alright ? Don't overdo it :)

      So, you like cooking ! (I remember you said it before) What kind of food do you like to cook ? I actually don't make sweets very much. I love eating sweets as well as cupcakes, but making sweets stuff is always tough for me. Lots of washings are left, you can't mistake anything because it can't recover it after through it in the oven. I really respect people who can cook sweets :D

      You watched TV show about my country! It's pleasure to me ;)
      Well, I could be long story, I will write it next post ;)

  2. Suzanne9/19/2012

    well, I am going through some tough times and I feel a bit stressed out. But I'll try not to overdo it ;) reading your blog and talking to you helps to keep my mind of sressfull things. (I should say thanks!)

    I really like baking cakes and other sweets, especially for birthdays! (My birthday is on February 1st. And yours?) the key to baking sweets is to measure everything perfectly and have all your ingredients at the exact right temperature. After that nothing can go wrong.
    Maybe you should try baking sweets? it might be a challenge but once you've mastered it you'll love it ;)

    I also like cooking healthy food and desserts :) I like french and asian food the most. But traditional Dutch food is nice as well. (Here in Holland we have some very delicious snacks and cookies! ;) And stews for when the weather is turning cold, like now...

    So, I read your post about the earthquakes. It was quite touching, I imagine you had to be very worried. Your story helped me to understand a little bit more about that day in march 2011 and how the people in Japan must have felt. I remember I saw the images about that day on the television, it really gave me the chills and I was shocked.

    Here in Holland we have lots and lots of travelshows and Japan is a country featured in many of them! I always watch it and it makes me look forward to the future and the day that I am going to set foot in Japan.

    I'm looking forward to reading your next post. Have a nice day :D

  3. Konbanha !
    I'm sorry for late reply, Suzanne. I also thank your comment every time ;) I wanted to comment early, but I had been through busy days as well.

    You were born on 1th February! My younger brother also was born on the same day ! Well, now I never forget your birthday :) Mine is 15th January. It's close to you :D
    Wow, the Netherlands is getting cold ? In Japan, it's still hot but we can sleep well in the night. From yesterday, it's becoming cool. Seems the summer slowly come to the end.

    Do you have earthquake back in your country ? We have lots and lots of them, you can't escape from it as long as you're in Japan. The point is not how to run from it, but how to prevent it with minimum damage. We're now getting back to the normal life.

    Well, this time I would like to write about Shinjuku, a big business city in Tokyo ;)

  4. Suzanne9/23/2012

    Hello :)
    So you've been busy as well. I already thought you'd be a little occupied.

    January 15th, well I don't have any relatives who were born on the same day but I won't forget your birthday either! ;)

    Yes it's getting very cold in the Netherlands. It is only 5 degrees at night and 14 over day. And I can't handle the cold that well :(
    I saw that is's like 20 degrees in Tokyo, which is a nice temperature I think.
    No, we don't have earthquakes in this country, if we did I would be pretty scared. I think it is admirable how Japan handles situations like earthquakes and tsunamis. Here in the Netherlands we get all crazy when rain is pouring down too much (we tend to exaggerate)

    Oh yes I read your post about Shinjuku! I really like big cities, neon lights and crowded areas but I also love being in quiet historical places where you can relax and enjoy the surroundigs. It depends on my mood I guess. I must say that people in Shinjuku alsways seem busy, which I don't really like. I like being relaxed and not worrying too much about anything. (sadly to say I haven't been relaxed in quite some time but I'm trying)
    Kyoto sounds like an exciting place to be, those temples look so beautiful and I would love to see them when I will visit Japan


    1. Ohayou Suzanne ^^

      I told you I just bought a new bicycle, but unfortunately the weather was not good these days in Tokyo :( Yet today we have a nice weather, so I start preparing for cycling to Shinjuku soon.

      It's 5 degrees in your country ! Hmmm...It's nearly winter if it's in Tokyo. 14 degrees seems still cold for me. I like hot places, that's one of the reason why I travel to the Middle East, South East Asian countries again and again. Here in Tokyo it looks the nicest weather right now. Not too hot, not too cold ;)

      I sometimes remember the peaceful landscape with many windmills in your country when I saw it on TV many years ago. Many Japanese remember your country with windmills and tulips :) Compare with it, Shinjuku is too dirty :(
      But you are right. Whether I would like to go there or not is depending on our mood. And today, I rather go to Shinjuku !

      It's great to visit Kyoto for both foreign people and Japanese. So sophisticated, never be bored. I plan to go back to my home town in Nagoya next week, and that time I will make some time to visit Kyoto as well :)

      Well, it's in the middle of the week. You looks really busy, but don't forget to keep in touch with me.