Bukeyashiki-ato (soldier's houses) in Kanazawa,

Snowy, cold in the winter season in this region, but not now. I visited "Hokuriku", rather northern region in Japan since there is a my grandmother's home.

Walking along the narrow street, you can find lots of traditional houses there. This district was once at home for samurai, or soldiers long time ago.

Most of traditional building in Japan are rebuilt because many buildings are made of wood, burn well when it is fire, and because of wars.

However, this place remains its own way. Needless to say about second world war, it was foreign to damage from the war more than 400 years.

I came here in the late afternoon, so almost all traditional houses that are opened for tourist were closed. Instead, I dropped in the shop in the middle of the street.

You are able to see garden surrounded by house and storehouse while taking some drink.

I took iced coffee for 600 yen (about $7.5). It's little expensive... But atmosphere is quite good.

Even coffee is not Japanese traditional drink, they served some snack with coffee. Traditionally, people serve drink with Japanese snack in my country. This dice like thing....hmmm....taste like sugar and something.

After sundown,I walked again to,

chaya-gai, or tea houses. I will tell you next post about it ;)


  1. Suzanne9/02/2012

    Hi! remember me? So... I've had some catching up to do with your blog since I am in my senior year and I have been busy busy busy all week!
    How are you doing? I've read you are planning a trip abroad, it sounds exciting.
    Have you ever been to Northern Africa? I went to Morocco with school last year and it was beautiful! the food(REALLY GOOD) , the culture, the scenery, the people. We visited Marrakech, Casablanca and Essaouira(at the west coast) you should really go there, if you haven't already visited North Africa of course :) It's a once in a lifetime experience!

    Anyway, how are you doing? Your photos look really nice as usual. I have always wanted to see those traditional houses from the inside, they seem so petite and cozy.

    I am looking forward to your post about tea houses. Bye Bye! ;)

    P.S. I hope you will save enough money in time for your trip to South East Asia.

    1. Hi Suzanne, I never forget you! I am always waiting a comment from you;)
      Are you alright with your busy days? I hope this blog is a place where you are able to relax.

      I've never been to Northern Africa although I really want to go. Is that good? Wow, maybe I start to saving another money for next trip to Morocco! I like Islamic culture particularly, that's why I repeatedly travel to Middle East.
      Since Northern Africa is also Islam influenced countries, I really want to travel!

      I'm fine, thank you for your concerning.
      I will create a new post tomorrow if I could;)

  2. Suzanne9/03/2012

    So... I woke up this morning at 7AM and wanted to reply to your comment. My stupid phone, however, didn't do what is was supposed to do and I was running out of time because I needed to go to school. My class starts at 8.30, I leave the house at 7.50. Yes that's early, but I go to school by bike and that takes about 30 minutes.

    Today was actually quite nice. I had French class and English and Art History. I do have some homework to do at the moment, but I am being a bit lazy today, so I will let it be for now.
    oh and by the way, I really enjoy your blog. Reading your posts as well as talking to you :) It is quite relaxing like you said.

    Oh and I want to ask you a question, but first this ;)

    If you'd like to travel to Morocco you don't have to worry about money. It's dirt cheap. Your money is ten times more worth in Morocco, which is another reason why you should definitely visit the place sometime.

    Now here's the thing I wanted to ask, you said you were planning to travel the South East Asian countries. Will you be going to Indonesia as well? My grandfather grew up there so I got a little curious about your trip abroad.
    I'm part Indonesian and Dutch and I have a grandmother who was born on Curaçao. So instead of the average tall Dutch girl with blond hair and blue eyes I look more like a small Indonesian girl with some western influence ;)

    Well, I will be waiting for your reply. have a nice day! bye

    1. Good morning Suzanne :)

      You are a morning person! And so am I. I usually wake up at 6 a.m. First thing after waking up is making coffee. I am coffee lover ;)

      By the way, how many language can you speak?! You take French and English class, wow! I only speak Japanese, some English, and Russian a little :(
      It's an honor to hear that you enjoy this blog. I also enjoy your comment too.

      I will travel to Thailand, Myanmar(or Burma), Cambodia, and Vietnam.
      Many people in Japan go to Indonesia, especially Bali for leisure. I heard that is good to stay and travel as well, but I will not go there this time :(

      It's pleased to know you! My ancestors are probably all Japanese. Japan had a long history of national isolation many years ago. But that time, only ships from China and the Netherlands (your country^^) could trade things. People from the Netherlands taught medical procedure and so on, so until the end of the Edo era, there were "Rangaku", or Dutch medical care were among my country. Some Japanese word came from Dutch and still used now.

      Anyway, have a nice day too;)

  3. Suzanne9/05/2012

    Hey I like coffee as well! especially cappuccino with extra foam ^.^

    Well, I am fluent in Dutch (of course...) and fluent in English. I speak French very well and I know how to speak German. And right now I'm learning to speak Japanese ;) I listen to Japanese music as well since it helps me learn new words and it's nice to listen to. What kind of music do you like?

    Wow, Russian! that seems quite difficult. I have to say your English is surprisingly good, you should be proud of yourself!
    I really enjoy learning new languages and somehow I pick things up really easily.
    Right now I am in my 6th year of French and English class, I've had German for only 3 years.
    They also teach Spanish at my school, too bad I can't take those classes because they introduced it later and it didn't apply for me anymore :(
    It's funny how Dutch words are used in your language, we're connected somehow ^^

    I've always wanted to go to Indonesia, since I have some roots over there. Too bad it's a bit expensive for me. But hey! I'm still young and there's enough time left :)

    By the way, I got myself a job! I will be working at the local nursing home for the elderly. I'm so happy! I work in the weekends and I attend to their needs for coffee and lunch and sometimes dinner. It's like being a waitress I think. Now I can start saving for university and travelling abroad(Japan here I come! ^^ )

    I'm looking forward to your next post like always


    1. Ohayou, Suzanne ;)

      You can speak four language! That's great! Most of Japanese speak only one language, haha...
      Even we use "kanji", a sort of characters that is also used in China, we can't understand each other because of different pronounce and so on.
      I like punk music. What kind of artist do you listen? I don't listen famous group though, I like "BUMP OF CHICKEN". :)

      It's my pleasure that you got a job. Is that a part-time job? Actually, I started a part-time job in the small coffee shop from yesterday.
      I was a big fan of it, and coffee are always better than any other coffee shops.
      (That shop I work for only sell coffee beans. There are space for tasting, but they don't sell drink itself.)
      Well, it seems everything goes well both of us. I hope you enjoy working and saving money as well :)

  4. Suzanne9/08/2012

    Konbanwa! It's evening over here :)

    I listened to "bump of chicken" on youtube :P not bad! I kinda like them.

    Me? I listen R&B and Rock and some alternative genres. I especially like "Kings of Leon". Have you ever heard of them? If you haven't, I recommend you listen to "Use Somebody" or "Sex on Fire" both are very good songs of them! And I must say, I'm a huge fan of Yamashita Tomohisa ^^

    Yes, it's a part-time job. I only work in the weekends. I can't wait to start working there. (all my previous attempts of getting a part-time job failed :(

    It's nice for you that you work in that coffee shop, since you are a coffee lover ^^
    By the way, those pictures of your recent post about tea are really nice. I noticed the sweets you called "Uguisu mochi". They look delicious! I'm planning on making some ichigo daifuku really soon (luckily the strawberries aren't expensive this time of year) or some other kind of rice cake. I absolutley love cooking.

    well, I'll talk to you later. But for now I am going to enjoy my 2 days off before school continues on monday... ^^

    1. Ohayou, I'm writing this with listening to the "Kings of Lion" :) I hardly listen to foreign music since I am not good at listening to English :(

      Did you work last weekend? (maybe "this" weekend for you ;)) I basically don't work in the weekends. I like spending them with relaxing.
      Yesterday and day before yesterday, I looked for new bicycle in many shops. I like not only coffee, but also like bicycle, yet I currently ride on the normal one. I really want to get some hybrid bicycle, and because I started working for coffee shop that may get more salary, I bought it!
      I heard your country is famous for bicycle. Do you like it?

      Well, I look forward to talking about ichigo daifuku with you! I also like it!

  5. Hi Iko84, i have a question if you don't mind..
    Does Hokuriku located in Nagamachi Samurai District?
    Thanks in advance :)

    1. Actually, Hokuriku is a name of an area. It includes some prefectures; Toyama, Niigata, Fukui, Ishikawa and so on. Since Nagamachi Samurai District is located in Kanazawa, Ishikawa prefecture, it's in Hokuriku area ;)