Tuna Don, a kind of Donburi style dish.

Finally! I cooked sushi style food in my home!! I totally couldn't eat raw fish when I was Southeast Asia. Sure, I could eat it in Japanese restaurants, but since my policy was not going there, I'd waited for this moment a real long time :)
About rice, this time I didn't put any seasonings like vinegar or sugar, which we usually put when we cook sushi. It was casual style, only for my family.
And Tuna, I dipped it with soy sauce and mirin, or sweet cooking rice wine for 2 or 3 minutes. It is said that we had better not dip more than that or Tuna turn to be blackish color.

Taste was... just incredible!! I like food in Southeast Asia, especially in Myanmar (Burma) I told you before, but it seems that I love Japanese food more than anything :D


  1. Suzanne1/11/2013


    wow, your dish looks delicious. So simple yet very beautiful. It's nice to hear that you enjoy your home cooked meals so much after spending those few weeks abroad.
    Are you already getting used to your daily life, working, cooking and stuff? Well my holiday just ended and I am having the most terrible week of the year. I'm still not used to getting up so early in the morning and coming home so late. I miss my freedom haha. But oh well, I guess within a week it will all be okay :)

    Mata ne! ^.^

    1. Ohayou Suzanne ;)

      I just woke up and wondering what kind of post should I create today. I came to my hometown Nagoya soon after coming back to Japan, so I haven't got used to my daily life in Tokyo. But don't worry, I can handle it well :D
      Are you busy these days? I'm getting busy and busy lately, however, I don't want you to wait, so I create a new post from now ;)

    2. Suzanne1/14/2013

      Ahh Thanks!
      I love your posts about food!


    3. I love updating posts about food too ;) Let's enjoy together :D :D