I'm back! ;)

It's always not easy to survive such a total disaster like depression. Everytime it hits me, I think "Ah, I can't handle this anymore!"

But hey! I'm right back here again :) I know I can't blow it away for now, still I know it'll be soon, yes, soon :D

My boss gave me a box of macaroons, trying to encourage me. Immediately after getting back to my home, I took pictures of them. Although it was already dark in my room, what does it matter! They looked really nice, I always just stood and looked at it in front of a brilliant showcase in departments. Sure, I could buy some, yet I didn't because it's too beautiful to eat for me.

Food in Europe is so cool, especially sweets. I have to admit that. The color, the shape, the taste, everything.

Oh, I took pictures of Japanese sweets at the same time as well. But it's for the next post :D So....don't miss it ;)


  1. Suzanne1/29/2013

    おはよう! :)
    Those macaroons look delicious, おいしい!! you should eat them when you visit France some time. They look so pretty, almost to pretty to eat like you said ^^
    I would like to see your next post about Japanese sweets, since those sweets sparked my interest :)

    I'm happy you are feeling better now by the way, you really got me worried there for a moment. Luckily all is well.


    1. こんばんは、Suzanne ;)
      Those macaroons all tasted great!
      The only problem was that I opened up all of them to take pictures, I had to eat them in one time :D
      It's a happy problem, isn't it? :)
      Japanese sweets I took at that time was...how can I say?
      You can't compare with Macaroon!
      It probably makes you disappointed, although it's a funny shape ;)

      I'm sorry for making you worried, it sometimes happens to me :(
      I'm getting better lately.


  2. Ah !!! great colourful pictures of macarons!!! When you feel better let me know, we could go and try a delicious couscous in Nakano if you want!!! Carthago is the name of the place!!! We can talk about your next trip to France and your past trips to Myanmar and Syria!!! See you soon!!!

    1. Haha, thank you so much! :P Yes! it finally comes!
      The Time We Will Meet For The First Time!!
      Surely I will send you a message soon :) Talking about traveling both in the future and the past, how great it is! I can't wait for it!!!!