How to cook Shime-saba (mackerel sushi).

I cooked shime-saba, or mackerel sushi for yesterday's dinner. Here's how:

First, buy it in the market. I bought in whole fish and cut up like this picture by myself. In case you don't know how to do it? Then ask a clerk in the fish booth to do it! Although when it is bargain they probably deny it, usually they can do it free of charge ;)

Put a plenty of sugar on them and wait for 40 minutes or so. When it finished, wash sugar with water and wipe off it.

And later,

Put a plenty of salt like we did with sugar, wait for 1 and half hour, then wipe off salt as well. I forgot to take a picture of it :(

This is the final step ;) pour vinegar (we use rice vinegar in Japan) and wait for 10 minutes. Can you see why I overlaid a paper on the fish? Well, it's because of making vinegar on the surface of chub mackerels so that it's covered with vinegar adequately and we can save it as well.

10 minutes later, get ride of all bones in the chub mackerel. Then, cut them, and eat them!

Note: You need to find fresh fish which can eat raw. This post of explanation is only one of example. There are many different way of cooking shime-saba. Check many recipes on web sites and find one you like best ;)

Hope you will enjoy shime-saba in your home! :D


  1. I love shime saba so much!! Thanks for the recipe how to make it.
    But I think our third picture, you mean using "salt" instead of sugar ?

    1. Thank you for commenting on my blog :) Oh, it must made you confuse, because I was also confused when I read again, haha. I checked and found out that, the first, we put sugar, then washed out and put salt on it. Putting sugar first helps fish (saba) not too salty when you eat it. I hope my explanation works well, I'm still not so good writing English ;)