A short walk around Shinjuku station.

Everytime I walk around Shinjuku, I can't help but thinking this way, "What makes this city so total mess?" Huge ads, irregular buildings.... There must have been no particular thoughts when they built this city, I always think.

Still, I needs must to come here constantly. I can find most of things I need, and if I can't find something in Shinjuku, then I give up. Shinjuku is something like that place.

Well, take a look at these picture I shot today ;)

It seems to be prohibited to smoke on the roads in this city. I don't smoke, I don't drink, and I don't gamble at all. Looks like a boring life? It's not that bad! :D

I took a rather wide lens today, but it's not because I wanted, I just took the one which was attached in my camera at that time.

It's near Shinjuku-Sanchome Station.

Shinjuku is a name of a district, however, it contains many stations. Nishi(west) Shinjuku station, Seibu shinjuku station, Minami(south) Shinjuku station and so on...

Since this city is a business district, there are many restaurants available. Italian, Japanese, this picture is kushi restaurant I think (About kushi, see here).

In spite of the busiest city in Japan, it also has some temples and shrines.

I love those places a lot. Though I'm not a Buddhist, I feel and find myself that they protect me.

There is busy street right next to the shrine. They are totally different but completely stand same place. 

Before I came back to my home by train...

It's a time table for Seibu Shinjuku line, which is a bit minor one. But they leave this station every 2-3 minutes in rush hour! ;)

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