Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden and its new glass house, 2013 winter.

I'm a repeater for Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden since it's easy to access from my home, only about $2.5 for admission fee, and it's huge enough to take a walk for a while.
(you can search this garden with search box above ;))

Yesterday was the day after one week from snow covered in Tokyo. It still remains some parts of this garden :)

We don't have much snow in Tokyo, just a few times a year. So....it's some kind of fun for me to see it. Falling snow, covering snow and melting snow. Everything is so beautiful that I sometime stay put in outside to see it.

It was in the morning and I didn't see many people even it's a huge garden. I could take my time for nothing in particular. No thinking, no nothing.

Looking back on last week, I was too busy for thinking ahead and some chores. It was right after coming back to my country from Southeast Asia, so I had many things to do. However, it looks I've got through this.


There is a glass house inside Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden. It had been under construction for a long time though, they reopened it last November. Here it is.

Like the garden itself, I only found a few people there. Don't people know about reopening it? Or just they have no interest in it?

It's worth visiting there I think. It's new (That's for sure!) and warm such a cold day.

There is no additional fee for entering this new glass house, you just need about $2.5 to enter Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden and that's all. So.... Don't miss it when you go there :)


  1. Suzanne1/20/2013

    This place looks beautiful in the winter when it is all covered in snow! The botanic garden in the glass house seems interesting as well. I'd love to pay a visit there :)
    Here in Holland we have many parks as well, but I don't think they are as beautiful as this one.
    By the way, the weather looks very nice in Tokyo. The sun is shining and the air is so crisp. Has it been like that for the whole week?
    Over here the weather has been changing a lot, one day the sun is shining and it's very nice to go outside, the other day it is very clouded and today we are going to have even more snow!
    Too bad I have to cycle to school on monday so that's gonna be a tough one. ;)

    Jaa ne!

    1. Ohayou!
      Compare with remaining snow in the outside, this glass house seemed perfect to make you warm again ;) I liked this place so much that I will come back there soon :)

      As your question about weather in Tokyo, it's usually unstable in the winter.
      Although I heard that the weather in London (or The UK?) is almost always bad, we have days that the sun shines.
      However, the forecast says it will be snow again from tonight.
      I haven't seen snow falling this winter yet, just saw covered one, so I'm looking forward to seeing it.
      Oh I'm sure I will take some pictures of it too :D

      I'm not good health now by the way, feeling a bit depressed.
      I don't know why, but it sometime happens.
      Without any reason, I become bad, maybe I need some rest.
      I work only in the morning today so I will take a rest, or going to shoot pictures to refresh myself :P

      I can't ride on a bicycle in snow!
      Be careful, and don't forget to come back to this blog as well ;)

    2. Suzanne1/21/2013

      It is 4 PM over here and you are probably asleep right now ^^
      Unfortunately you are not feeling very well :( But look on the bright side, it will be over soon AND you need to to some fun stuff. Maybe go outside, enjoy the snow, take pictures drink some heartwarming chocolate milk with extra whipped cream. (This always makes me very happy, probably because it is chocolate, my guilty pleasure ^^ ) Oh and maybe eat a warm stroopwafel as well, ghehe :D

      Oh and I safely got to ride my bike to school(and back)! there was this small car riding in front of me which was cleaning the street as I was cycling. Lucky me! ;)

      Enjoy the weather!

    3. Konnichiwa!
      It's 12PM here, I just ate lunch :)
      Guess what? I'm feeling much better than yesterday, or even feeling great now! (You know why ;))
      There isn't any snow, and there will not be as well, but I enjoy drinking some coffee in the cold weather.
      (Actually my room is also cold since I don't turn the heater on)

      I remember you like cappuccino!
      So...Are you chocolate addict? Same here!
      I like sweets a lot :) Sometime taking much.

      Good to hear that you came back to your home safely.
      Please stay safe and don't ride on the bike in a terrible weather!

  2. Suzanne1/22/2013

    I'm happy to hear that you are feeling so much better in such in such a short time :D
    Ahh, no snow :( that's too bad! I was hoping you would get to see it falling. But why don't you turn the heater on then? That would be much more comfortable right?

    Taking a lot of sweets? Taking a lot of oliebollen and stroopwafels you mean haha! But once in a while, it is something every person has to do I think. (I certainly let myself go sometimes :P )

    The weather today was very good, the sun was shining and the roads weren't covered in ice anymore. Actually, the thaw will set in on sunday so I don't think that we will have snow and ice again after this week. It will be the last time, so I must enjoy it as much as possible! ^^

    I'm looking forward to reading your next post ^.^

    1. Ohayou Suzanne-san!

      It's shining right now, and I decided to go somewhere before work.
      Although I have no idea where to go, I will bring my camera with me ;)
      I don't like heaters because once I taste it , there is no turning back! :D
      I want to use it only when I can't stand cold.

      I wasn't a person who eat sweets a lot before start working for the coffee shop.
      But my boss taught me how delicious they are, and now you are teaching me XD

      Do you mean that it will get warmer from next week?
      In my country, February is the coldest month in a year, yet not as cold as your country :)

      OK, it's time for going out somewhere by train!
      Hopefully you will enjoy today as well ;)

  3. Anonymous11/22/2014


    wow! i am very interesting with japan since a long ago and i admit you have nice photo of it!nice! i'd like to visit it someday.
    oh almost forgot my name hana i'm from indonesia ...
    how's season in there now? i think it's still nice :) in indonesia we never felt snow so,i'm a bit jealous (haha)
    thanks for share the picture anyway :)

    1. Hi there :)

      Thank you for commenting on this post.
      As I look at it again, I miss the winter.
      But, it's almost close to us, probably too close, haha.
      I personally don't go around too much in that season, except when we have snow.
      Everything is so beautiful that I couldn't help but going out for seeing the white world :)

      It's so nice of you that you live in Indonesia.
      I hope to visit your country, too :)
      Many friends trip your country for enjoying their vacation! :D