Going to Izakaya, tasting sake and foods.

 My friends and I went to "Izakaya", where you can enjoy Japanese alcohol Sake and many dishes a few weeks ago. Honestly, I'm not a person go eat such kind of places, you know. Crowded, people laughing at something and chatting like forever. However, I felt so frustrated at that point and I just thought I wanted to something unique to me. So I picked my phone to call them, then we were there :)

 Like many other Izakaya, it was a casual place where you can go and drink alone, with friends, colleagues and so forth. And I found how easy to order a variety of meals there, because the average price for each meal only cost $2.5-3.5. Fair enough, isn't it?! :D

Beer, fried chicken, raw fish, noodle, it seems they had it all. Like most people do, we shared from salad to soups.

 I drank a lot by the way, and this white one is probably a cup of sake, although I'm not sure about it, haha. They served a glass with a saucer-like thing, then begun to pour sake as much as possible.
Thus, the sake overflowed to a saucer underneath it. As I finished drinking a glass, a question was showing up in my mind. What should I do for the sake left in a saucer?  Fortunately, one of my friends knows well about how to deal with it, so I asked him. "It's all up to you." he answered with a smile. If I don't drink it anymore, just leave it as is. If I do want to take it, then I could sip.

 While we talked many topics happened around us recently, we really enjoyed the feeling time passed so quickly. After leaving the Izakaya, I was amazed when I realized we spent 3 hours there.

 Well, it looks I need sometimes to go and enjoy such places :)

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