Design Festa 2014 in Tokyo

 Preparing for something is always fun. Last weekend one of my friends joined an art festival so called "Design Festa" in Tokyo, and I help it :)

 It was my first time being there, so many people coming there to see, and so many spaces for selling and showing a number of their arts. I spent almost 12 hours by the way, stood in front of our space, sometimes took a walk for taking fresh air.

 Turkish foods are more common in recent Japan. Many young people like eating it, thus you can find Turkish restaurants here and there, even in this place.

 I took a cup of thick ice cream ;)

 Surprisingly, some were drawing and painting on site, they like calling it "Live Paint". I've heard of the word though, wow, it's the first time for me to see in my own eyes :D

 I guess I'll come back next time :)

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