Sometime in the evening at Kichijo-ji, Tokyo.

 After spending extremely busy weeks, I took my bicycle to go to Kichijo-ji to use some alone time. Almost two years ago, when I had nothing to do in particular, I visited there almost everyday. It became my routine to get there at that time. But now, I found myself too busy to even go out to a grocery. Well, I dropped off a Ramen restaurant for my first time. Despite it was still early evening, the tiny restaurant was filled with young people besides me.

 I like people cooking foods, as well as eating while chatting with their friends and families. The atmosphere in such situations are so peaceful and adorable.

 Yes, it was absolutely a wonderful night for me :)


  1. Anonymous6/11/2014

    Hello again after so long. Hope you are doing well!

    It's nice to see you enjoying ramen and sketching too. I can't wait to come back to Japan soon.

    Best wishes,

    1. You too, thank you for coming back! How have you been? :)
      Haha, I don't eat ramen so often though, I enjoy everytime I take :)

    2. Anonymous6/15/2014

      I'm doing good, thanks! I left my previous lousy law job and got myself a new position. Sometimes we just need to dare to make the change and life will be good :)

      I agree that in your pictures, there's a certain kind of joy which you managed to capture. That's the reason why I too come back for more :)

    3. Wow, a new career was born, that must be nice :) Over here we're having a rainy season which lasts for a month, and the weather is cloudy right now.
      How about your place? Despite I've never been to your country yet, sometimes I really want to travel South East Asia like one moth, a year, or even forever! :)

    4. Anonymous6/18/2014

      Haha, I wish it would rain here in Malaysia : ) - it's very hot and humid here with very little rain.

      I can't sleep at night without switching on air-conditioning at home. The heat is simply unbearable. I read in the newspapers that this heat wave would last until August T_T

      Do let me know when you come down to my country for a visit - I'd be pleased to show you around : )

  2. すごい、この写真。
    Is that a starbucks cup I see? Do you like their coffee?

    I really, really like these photos by the way. Although I don't exactly know why...
    I'm just captured by them (:
    Maybe because they are so 'honest', taken of simple daily matters: people eating, people commuting.
    Seeing this I am just dying to go to Japan and see it for myself. uuuhhh so much time left still.
    I hope I can set foot there beginning April 2015 ;o For 3 months! Whoo ^^

    By the way, I'm impressed by that sketch you made. It's really pretty!
    I see you used a pen, do you like drawing by pen?
    When I draw I like to use ink the most. Simple black and white, I'm no good with colours. Except when panting though, I like watercolour paintings, I still have one unfinished in my room.
    Oh, I received your mail ^^ 本当にありがとう :D

    In other news, The World Cup has started in Brasil.
    Will you be watching it? Tonight The Netherlands has to play against Spain. Nooo!
    Our biggest competitors, we lost 4 years ago in the last World Cup when we stood in the final match against Spain.

    I'll be rooting for Japan too of course, I feel quite close t Japan even though I have never been there.
    Studying the culture and language apparently makes me feel very tied to your country.

    Oh no, the soccer match is going to start. It's 20.51 in the evening now and I have to watch the kick-off.
    Goshh, I hope we'll win!

    いい一日を :D

    1. Suzanne-san good evening over your place :)

      First of all, CONGRATULATION for your country's win just ago!
      I checked the news soon after reading your comment, and guess what?
      It was one of top news here in Japanese site as well.
      5-1, they said. I'm not sure about soccer so much, however, it's absolutely a huge victory isn't it?!
      Wow, the team of your country is so powerful and strong.
      I know Spain is one of the closest team to be the champion.

      I'm glad you like photos I take ;)
      Truth be honest, I like MY PHOTOs too, haha, maybe I'm complacency :D
      But I can't keep on taking pictures if I don't like my photos.

      About the way of sketch, I like do it with my ball points^^
      Basically I want to draw with pencils though, when I don't have it, or I just want with my ball point, then I do it :)
      One of reasons why I prefer it is that I don't have to worry about too much when I use pen.
      You know, once you draw it, there's no way erasing it!
      (Well, we actually have ball points that can be erased recently, but let's forget about it for now :)
      Like you, I'm not good at colours, black and white is over my ability for drawing, how can I colour it?! XD

      When we have big games of soccer, people become so enthusiastic about watching it on bars, in their houses with taking pizza and beer.
      And everytime Japanese team get a goal or something good, I could hear people's root from outside :)

      Okay, let's enjoy upcoming games, I'll send you a mail later on.
      So don't miss it too^^

      またね!(* ̄ー ̄)v

    2. Anonymous6/15/2014

      Hi, Suzanne. It's Arthur here from Malaysia.

      I'm a supporter of the Oranje and the 5-1 score against Spain was a wonderful result. Congratulations to your country!

      I'm glad Arjen Robben scored this time - it must be a painful memory for him and the team 4 years ago.

      I'm also supporting Japan against Cote d'Ivoire later. I think they did well in the last World Cup in 2010 and I hope that they will go far this time too.

    3. Hi Arthur ^^

      How great you're also supporting the Dutch! :D and thanks. I'm so happy we won!
      Everyone I know is still talking about it and many people are decorating their homes in orange xD

      By the way, I see you have a very nice blog too ^^

      Ooohhh such a bummer from the match of Japan! I sat up in front of the television at 3 in the night to watch it.
      > the difference in time is huge xD
      Japan was so close, but I'm sure they'll defeat Greece in the upcoming match. I'll be sure to watch that one too.

    4. Anonymous6/18/2014

      Hi, Suzanne.

      I think not many Oranje fans gave the current team a chance but the players sure showed us what they are capable of! I've been supporting the Dutch since World Cup 1990 with players like Gullit, Rijkaard and Koeman.

      I remembered that your country also celebrated 2nd place in the World Cup 4 years ago with a welcome party in Amsterdam. Were you there too?

      Thanks very much as well for visiting my blog : )

      Yes, we will all support Japan in the next match against Greece! I'll be very sad if they come home after the first round.

      Tot gauw!

    5. Your conversations make me so fun to read :) I didn't know The Netherlands is such a strong team in soccer! Here in my country, they've never get so close to the 1st place =)
      Anyway I like watching people getting together to support their favorite teams, not only their countries, but also their preference ;)

    6. 知らなかった?! haha :p you should totally watch the soccer matches it's so much fun and very exciting. Yesterday, was another victory for us and I was jumping around, so happy I was ;D It was a very tough match for us.. とにかく、今晩またメレを書く。今日、友達とレストランですしを食べつももりで~ またすし?−はい!もちろん。大好きから(*´ω`*) 金曜日も、友達の誕生日にすしを食べる(*´∀`*)

      Hi, Arthur, were you supporting Oranje in the match augainst Australia again? (: haha. And you said something Dutch.>Wat leuk! (how nice<)

      So, I didn't go to Amsterdam to celebrate 4 years ago as I,was still quite young at that time (like 14 or 15) . However, If we can make it that far in this World Cup, surely you'll find me partying in Amsterdam ^^


    7. Anonymous6/23/2014

      Hi, Suzanne.

      Yes I did - I supported Oranje since the 1990 World Cup until today so I would not miss their matches for anything :)

      Robben and van Persie are such important players for Holland in this tournament. Now we have a new star too, Memphis Depay who plays for PSV Eindhoven. This World Cup would only get more exciting for Oranje

      This World Cup can still surprise anyone, so keep the hopes alive that Oranje could win it this time : )

  3. Hi there, Suzanne and Arthur :)
    Although Japan has lost the world cup, I can focus on supporting The Netherlands :)
    I am amazed how they do good there in Brazil, they won all the game!

    Suzanne-san, haha, you eat sushi so frequently, more than I do :D
    But, yesterday I took it in a party! It's been a little bit while since I ate sushi last time.
    It was a big party by the way, many owners of company attended.
    Probably I was the only one who wasn't, haha.
    I'll reply to you soon, okay?^^