Fish market, ancient tombs and taking a short walk :)

 Like usual, I visited a fish market with my respectful chef in the early morning of last week. We started to do it about six months ago, and now it became my big pleasure to ask him how to find good fish from a bunch of them :) Aside from doing it, cooking with such a nice fish in my home is also fun to me.

Obviously, I like foods that I cook, but I also like eating out sometime. My favorite restaurants are usually Japanese one like sushi, and the reason is their freshness of ingredients. Eating raw fish makes my life so fulfilled :)

 Once I became full stomach, I took a short walk for an hour. It wasn't raining at that time, so it seemed nice to wander around :)

 The other day, I heard there are many ancient tombs near my home in Nagoya City. Shortly after checking it out on some web sites, I decided to go there in my car. The tombs were built around the 6th century, they said. That surprised me quite a lot. Is there so many people around here at that time? And they even built rather bigger tombs? Although we recognize more than 50 tombs around this place, we are not sure who made it and why.

Some of them have a grave like room inside. A bit cold, dark, but I like it. I could hear cars passing by the street nearby, but I couldn't feel it as a real while I was inside the tomb.  Well, since the scientists began to search about it, I'll visit again soon :)

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