Cakes and Japanese Sweets :)

 Lately I have begun to realize how delicious Japanese sweets are. The beauty, the colors, and the taste. To understand better, I try to get some whenever I found a sweets shop near my home.

Ordinary, they wrap sweets with Japanese traditional paper which is usually printed the name of a shop, or nature things such as leaves and flowers. When you open up, then,

 Here it is :) I'd like to introduce one by one, but I'm not sure the details yet since I'm new in this field. I'll keep buying and eating weekly basis, so let's talk about it later on ;)

 Also, I try not to forget to take cakes every now and then so that I could stay my sense sharpened. Well, that might be my excuse for eating so many cakes :D Those are from my neighbor's patisserie by the way, I used to drop off and buy cakes four times a week, haha.

 And ice creams. Although I wasn't a person who eat it frequently, I get more accustomed to having it this summer, especially in the hot humid evening. Reading books while taking it bit by bit brings me a wonderful night time. I have to take care not eat too much such a night :)


  1. すごく美味しいそう ;3
    ええ!アイスクリームも :D

    1. Hi Suzanne-chan :)
      Actually, I ate another cake yesterday, my frequent show up made the owner of that patisserie and I become friends now, haha.
      About ice cream, your strong recommendation was right, I'm in addict of taking it :)
      I always put them in my fridge!