Eating in and out of my home :)

 A friend of mine sent me a box filled with delicious mandarin oranges a week ago. Fruits make my life rich! :)

 It's my lunch sometime ago. Sitting in front of my dining table and eating silently is a small pleasure of my daily life. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. I can't skip any of them at all. These days I prefer to eat Japanese food cooked myself. To make my ability sharpen, I show up some restaurants that my friends run every now and then, and ask them how they cook and so forth.

 The last one was taken yesterday, when my friend and I went to a Korean BBQ restaurant in Shinjuku, Tokyo. When I decided what to eat, he smiled and told me, "You don't have to order such a budget-friendly meal today". "Why not?" "Because, I got a bonus last night. And guess what? Let me pay all for today!"  That's why we both took beers at that time :)

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