Sushi, cheese, sweets, and some alcohols I tasted last week :)

 Last week was a special one for me. I ate a variety of foods that were so cool in my home, in restaurants, from traditional style of sushi to macaroon :) So, the first picture is the sushi restaurant I often visit. Because I went there so many times, the chef began to give me fish for my souvenir everytime I go there. And this time, it was a big surprise to me.

 You know what it is? :) It's a part of Tuna, or we call it Maguro in Japanese. Although I can't explain accurately, it's close to Tuna's neck. "I've never cooked it, how should I do this?" I asked him before leaving the restaurant. "It's not difficult at all, just put salt and grill it for a while" he smiled.

 As he said, I put salt on it and grill it in my oven for 25 minutes.

 Well, I have to say it doesn't look delicious, however, it was actually delicious. Yes, it became the top 10 of my whole experienced dishes :D

 On the same day, I took macaroon and some tea. The mixture of sushi and macaroon don't sound good, you think? Then try it and you can feel something special :)

 I also got some cheese in a grocery. It's not easy to get a quality of them in Japan by the way. They are so expensive, yet not so good quality. To avoid such things, I checked many many web sites to find out a good shop for cheese.

 Why did I buy cheese so sudden? Because I planned to have a sake party in my home last Sunday. One day before it, I received a heavy pack filled with sake. "It's him." I laughed. He was supposed to come to the party with some sake, but it seemed he had given up and decided to send directly to my home ;) Such amount of sake can ruin someone's life, haha.

 As the party began, we cheered and started to drink.

"You see, if you aren't satisfied with the taste, you can add lemon, or whatever. I put Japanese pickled apricot in it." "Are you serious about it? It's not made for doing like that!" "It is! Just drink it and you'll understand!"

We started to eat and drink from 11:00 to 18:00. It was a long long day, you know :)


  1. looking good, so much nice food!
    Did you happen to buy a Dutch old cheese? I see one which really resembles one :p And blue cheese, 美味しい!。 I remember you once said you had to get used to the strong flavour, so how do yu feel about it now?
    And such nice sake you have (*´∀`*)

    1. おはよう、Suzanne-chan ;)
      You're right, the yellow one is from your country, Gouda cheese :)
      It deeply reminds me of the one from you^^
      Despite it's difficult and so expensive, I like cheeses so much, a variety of their tastes, flavours, so wonderful and nice ^^
      And it's good with sake as well, drinking while taking a piece of cheese bit by bit makes me feel so comfortable :D