A sunny day.

 Opening up the door of my entrance, I found Mt. Fuji lies in the blue sky. "Must be a good day today" I said to myself.

 It was a day off for me, well, the's not exact. I sometimes work but most of the time I spend hours and days reading, learning, and cooking. Many people consider me as strange or dumb person, but this is my way: pursue for something what I really, really believe it as deserving to. I cook because I'm a big fun of cooking and eating alike, I read a lot because I'd like to understand what I haven't touched yet :) Since I'm not cut out to leave something special behind, I live like this no matter how many people say anything.

 Heart of cities in Tokyo is too busy to live. I have to be honest that I'm happy I live outskirt in Tokyo. Only you can hear at dawn is sounds of birds whistling.

 Well, I skip to explain about city centers in Tokyo for now :)

Pickles I cooked :) Ah, it's time for dinner! :D Let's go eat!! :)


  1. こんいちわ、ふとし。
    じゃあ。。わたしわだいじょうぶだ。The fever has set down a bit.
    So I immediately wanted to check up on your blog ^^

    In response to this post of yours.
    It's good to do the things you enjoy so much regardless of what people think of it.
    They just don't know everything about you and don't understand. A bit simple-minded. I guess, or prejudiced: One can't judge a person by the things he or she does, that's just stupid x]

    In other news, I read your last post as well,
    すずしかったですか。 今、オランダにわ6*Cくらいです。 さむいい!!
    でも 今日わいいてんきだ!青空です ^^ いいね。。。

    でわ、またね ^^

    1. Suzanne-chan, Good morning :D
      How have you been? I've been thinking of you lately.
      And thank you indeed about telling me your point of view.
      I guess I tend to be too much careful what people think about me.
      But it's so sad if it let me down, so I try not to pay attention it too much :)

      6 degrees there in your place?!
      Amazing, since here is still 15 degrees in daytime :o
      We have warm days recently and I'm planning to go to a temple where is a famous for Autumn leaves on this weekend :D