Photographs in 2008.

 The year of 2008 was a remarkable one to me. For the first time in my life, I got my own SLR camera. First time I was confused, I still remember. Too many things to follow, complicated rules about taking pictures. I remember this picture was the first or second day of my photography life, I found a golden dog sitting (or sleeping) on a bench during my walk.

 Taking pictures is something fun. It usually doesn't go the way I want. Over exposure or something. Still, 5 years was enough to gradually find my way to live with my camera.

 Sure, it doesn't mean I can take "great pictures". Actually I'm still considering what it's like to be great and the question seems to be never solved since my favorite changes more often than I'd like.

 I don't leave my home in Tokyo or my country without bringing my camera ever since. I found myself that shooting pictures when I travel is like taking an exam. The photos in traveling reflect pictures daily basis such as food photo. Trying to take pictures frequently is a good exercise of mine.

 Photo shooting in dark places, portrait and so on. You can do it in your place as well as on your trip.

 Wow, Russian! Yes, I've learned Russian for a year and a half. I barely speak it now, but I'm proud of brightening days in studying it.

 2008 was also the year as a university student, which means I somehow had plenty time to spend. I'm way busier than that old time, however, I'll keep on taking pictures however it gets busier ;)


  1. Nice blog post!
    I remember when I first shoot using a film camera(I think I was 14~15 years old)...
    and I was in high school but I never thought I'll be so hook on photography like this! haha
    I got my first dslr back in 2007 it was like a dream come true to me since I've been dying to have one ever since...

    and you are so right!since I started taking pictures I cannot go out without my camera with me... amazing how photography changes peoples lifestyle...

    oh! by the way!! I also learned Russian Language when I was on my first year in univesity! I took it for 1 year and I really enjoyed that class I like the pronunciations and stuffs but Cyrillic alphabet is my weakness ..haha! I remember I only got good grades during the practical exams and struggling during written exams...

    But I really like the language sometimes my Russian friends speak to me (just the basic) using Russian and it's really exciting and fun when I get to understand what they were saying....

    1. Good morning, Megu-san :)

      For me, it was 21-year-old or so when I got it. And now, I can't go without photographs!!
      The interesting is that many friends of mine were inspired and bought their own. It's so nice and good to be able to go out and taking pictures together.
      Sure, I know people who are not interested in it always seem to be tired of waiting while I take picture slowly and over and over at the same point, haha :D

      And Russian! I found you learned and know many languages. It must be fun, since you can talk with much greater number of people than just speaking Japanese. Speaking of pronunciations, I'm a big fan of Arabic!
      The sounds, the way they speak like singing songs or reading poems is so nice, attractive and comfortable!
      Also, I adore its characters, looks burning beautifully. Hopefully I will be able to speak Russian and Arabic with someone soon :)

      By the way, are you alright with the weather in your place? I have to call my grandmother later.

    2. Wow!Arabic seems to be so difficult! I don't think I'll be able to learn that language but it sounds interesting^^

      It's really cold here the temperature today was around 5~7℃

    3. True! Learning Arabic was really hard for me, but I'm sure I'll try it again soon :)
      Oh, here in Tokyo we also have cold days. Someone told me that we have rain tomorrow, and after that we'll be able to enjoy warm weather again. Apparently raining bring warm weather...Weird! :)