Turning into Autumn 2013.

 As it's getting colder, I found myself cooking in my kitchen like all the day. Sometimes Chinese, sometimes Japanese-like food. The common thing among them is quite simple: I like them all :)

 Boxed lunch, I'm a fan of it very much. I planned to bring it to my work place, however, it didn't work since I left it in front of my entrance, haha. I ate it with dinner on that day. This wooden lunch box always has me cook another meal and it's hard to stop it. You know, wooden things are not easy to live with. You have to care for them like always, and that's exactly what I like, whenever I treat them, I feel like as if I treat myself, difficult and stubborn stuff :D

 Before it's too cold to outing, I went to China Town in Yokohama by the way, it was warm enough to take my coat off.

 Chatting while eating with my friend was fun moments and we promised to see each other sooner rather than later.

 Well, I'm back here soon :)

 (I plan to write something about Japanese food, but not decided what to write yet ;))


  1. I find it really amazing that you can really cook! and all of them looks delicious and beautiful!
    how I wish I'm also gifted in cooking haha XD but unfortunately I'm not ~_~;

    The last pictures is so breathetaking!

    1. I mean breathtaking XD

    2. Megu-san
      Good morning! How are you lately?
      When it's cold, I want to cook again so that my room keeps warm plus I wouldn't be hungry :)

      The last one was taken near my home in Tokyo by the way, it's a huge park and you can find many people walking with their dogs, bbq, and being on hummock!!

    3. I'm good! just really busy writing my thesis *_*
      It's getting really cold here... It snowed at some part of Hokuriku today.

      The last photo is really nice!
      I wish I can visit that park too someday.

    4. Megu-san, Good morning :)
      Your comment reminds me of my thesis, it must be tough.

      The last one is Koganei park by the way, you can't miss it when you visit Tokyo :)