5-day trip around Tokyo, Autumn 2013 :)

 Well, let's begin with sushi with my grandmother, shall we? :) I went to a rather northern region a few days ago to see her.  'I'm lucky if I can live for three years you know.'  'You keep saying that for two decades now, grandmother. Still you're completely healthy and no worry about your future, okay?' Spending a night with her looked encourage her a lot.

 This is the best room in her house, traditional and old yet always tidy and clean.

 I like bright rooms so much, probably because of the influence of this room. My room in Tokyo is not like the traditional one, but thanks to two big windows you never feel sad out there :)


 Moving on to the other place (again!). I found many trees changing colors of their leaves. It was 12 degrees out there, a bit cold. Unlike Tokyo, it already has autumn leaves.

 Dams and...

 Beautiful scenery :D

 After 1,200km trip and on the way back to Tokyo.

 Anytime I begin to pack my belongings, many of them say 'Traveling again?!'. I like outing somewhere rather than staying put. I could be standing still, however, I need sometimes to spend unusual places, at least for now ;)


  1. こんにちは! :D
    Wow I love these photos,すてきです! ^^
    And the food you had:0
    I hope you enjoyed your stay at your grandmother's house. It certainly is a beautiful place, up north. I really wish to go there sometime.
    In other news, I get this monthly journal from my Study. And it said something about a big trip to Japan at the end of the year. Which means, I think I have the posibility to go to Japan with fellow students to Japan sometime around the end of june/ beginning of july.
    I really wish to come with! First need more info about it though. :)
    And.. you remember I said I wanted to move to Leiden.
    Well, I have seen a nice room, I need to make an appointment with the estate agents first. But It looks really really nice :D They should contact me within 2 days from now.
    OOOooooh how excited I am.! :D

    Well, I have to go to college soon. それじゃあ、またね ^^

    1. Goooooooood morning, Suzanne-san :D
      Thank you so much for your concern, I'm pretty fine after back to Tokyo.
      Apparently sushi is the best solution for any problems of mine, haha.

      Are you doing well with your study by the way?
      I just thought you may need sometimes to go Japan things out the window.
      Promise me not overdoing it, alright?^^
      Like coffee for me, sometimes I get sick of them, even imagining it drives me crazy.
      Such time I suspend to think of it all and fortunately I can live without it for the time being.
      Forgetting what I like is sometimes really necessary to me.
      And stopping it for a while makes me interest in coffee gain.

      Oh, I mailed you just ago (You've already known it, I guess :))
      I'm really looking forward to hearing the details about your room!! :) :)