Japanese restaurant "Maruha-shokudo" in Nagoya.

 Even after moving to Tokyo, I couldn't help going eat in a restaurant called "Maruha-shokudo" repeatedly in Nagoya city. The word shokudo stands for restaurant in Japanese, which rather sounds like oldish. Now that Japanese also call restaurants as "restaurant" like borrowed word, the word shokudo appeared to be widely used before the word "restaurant" came in this country.

To be honest, the restaurant was originally built by a seaside near Nagoya, but you can find four or five of them in and around there, like the airport. I went to one of them which is located in the middle of the city center.

 I took a beer with my friend by the way. I guess only I take a beer outside is here with him. Then...

 Wow, it's sazae, a turban shell!! How big it is! Bigger than my fist :D I've never seen a turban shell like it before :) What do you think the one looks like a snail placed lower right of the photo. Actually it was an entrails of it, sure, it was raw as well, and I ate it all.

Here it's grilled conger. It's like eels, but milder and blander than eels.

 They were tempra made of other kinds of conger.

 We chatted, laughed, talked over many topics including days we spent in our university. Let's see here in the restaurant as soon as possible, shall we? :)

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