Eating Nabe, a Japanese hot pot dish

 It's "Nabe",  Japanese hot pot dishes. Many Japanese enjoy taking it with their family, especially in cold winters. Of course you can eat it in restaurants (it usually costs from 2,000yen, or about 20US$ for one person), however, it's something familiar to most of them and many people like cooking it in their home. Here, I cooked my own nabe :D

 What does nabe mean by the way? Originally, the word means a pan used for the meal. My milky colored pan is made from soils by the way. I like the pan with the material because it stays hot and keeps ingredient warm with low heat, oh, it also has foods inside it stable ;) One more thing. It's extremely cheap to get it. My pan was 780yen (about 8US$)! And because I had a coupon to be available, it became 280yen (around 3US$). Everything is fine, don't you think? :) Well, let's start, shall we? :D

 One huge reason why nabe is so popular and obsess people is that it's really, really easy to cook. All you have to do is just chop ingredients, that's all. Still, I precooked carrots. Hmmm... It seemed I was too much free time to think things simple, haha.

 Here's other ingredients. Can you see the right one? It's a soup for nabe. You can cook from first, like mixing soy paste, alcohol, salt and stuff but I took the ready-made one, yes, I was too tired at that time :S

 What's this?! It's sliced and banded konjac (We call it "kon-nyaku" by the way.). Truth be told, I was terrible with it when I was a kid. Gum-like texture yet the taste was almost nothing, I had thought. I chewed it, but couldn't think I was eating something. It was terrible food to see in my old days :)

 And what about it? If you wonder, then see this post ("Visiting Tama Zoo, in Tokyo.") . It's made from soy after all, however, I can't see how soy changes like this =)

 I like it so much by the way, that's why I took two photos :D

 And champignons as well ;) I cut their surface partly to make them look more beautiful. Japanese like foods looks good by the way, they always try to do it by cutting, placing on plates carefully and such.

 After pouring the sauce and boiled it, I put chopped salmons, vegetables and wait moments.

 Wow, gorgeous! I like waiting meals ready to be eaten, it's kind of a dilemma for me. I really want to eat as soon as possible, yet I enjoy waiting for meals get better at the same time.

 If you have enough vegetables and fish, pork, chicken or anything in your fridge, why don't you try to cook nabe?  It must be nice and fun, would be fascinated! ;)


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