Coming back :)


 To avoid to feel much frustration, I sometimes come back to my hometown, probably once a month.

 Since I had a plenty of time, I took a bus to get back. It was nearly five hour ride, additionally I could be relaxed because there was no one next to my seat, yes, that usually happens when I take it in weekday. Sometimes sleeping, sometimes reading, and sometimes taking a rest.

 I found prices of a variety of vegetables hiked these days due to hot days in summer and typhoons. I began to buy them more carefully, go around as many markets as possible. It was a couple of days ago when an extremely huge and heavy cardboard box contains something suddenly appeared in my apartment. It was from the restaurant where I had worked for five years. When I opened it, I couldn't help but smiling. Rice, I said. I checked and found it as 13kg.
 13kg!! I always buy rice which is really low level, yet 1800yen (or about 19US$) for 5kg. I can survive until next year!! :)

 Well, I'll be back soon :)

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