A quiet day.

 Last week I took an expressway to the sea. It's been a real long time since I saw it last time and I just thought it would have been quite a nice idea to go for watching. It was only one hour drive to get there. This is one of the big reasons why I like my hometown Nagoya: easy to access both sea and mountains by car. When you feel like tasting fresh fish, head to the south. You can eat as mush as you can. If you get tired of something, like routine for the work you tackle with, go to the mountains. They have rivers, places to climb and eat. That day I felt like seeing the sea as I told you, so I did it :)

 After arriving, they led me to a room. Some dishes were already prepared, and while I was eating them, they brought other meals.

 Tempura of Shrimp, and pumpkin. Absolutely my favorites :D

Simmered meals as well. Shrimp (again!), eggplant, pork, green broccoli, and a kind of white potato which is sticky.

 And raw fish! You can't come back without tasting it you know ;) The hotel looked really old style, I was surprised to see at first. However, the whole things that were out of  fashion was satisfied with my feeling at that time.

 By the way, I took a public bath in the hotel. "Public" I wrote, but nobody was there. Since it seems no one would come and that's unusual for such a "public" spaces, I took some photos. You can see outside through the window.

 Tiny old fashioned bath, calm sea, bright sunshine and me in the bath. It wasn't bad, I thought. It wasn't bad. A half day trip brought me something new place :)

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