Visiting Tama Zoo, in Tokyo.

 I like animals. When I was a kid, I was always with animals like birds, fish, and now I'm with my dog. Visiting zoo is one of my pleasure in my holiday, so let's see it :)

 Tama Zoo is located suburb in Tokyo. It has several zoos in and around Tokyo and the most famous one is definitely Ueno Zoo. But hey, I prefer Tama zoo where I went last time! Bigger than the one in Ueno, silent place, plus not so crowded (That's important for me :)).

 I brought a lunch box by the way ;)

 Water and....

Do you know what it is? It's a kind of sushi. 'Ha! That's impossible!' you might say. It doesn't look like sushi AT ALL! But it actually is. Not raw fish, but this brown thing is made of fried tofu, or bean curd (about bean curd, see this post) covering the rice. 'That's never happened!' you say? It does! On top of that, it tastes really really sweety like candy :P I know people in Western never eat sweet food, but anyway, once you eat, you won't be able to live without it! :)

And...Where are we? Oh, we are talking about zoo ;) After taking lunch on a bench, I went into a zone covered by wire dome. There were hundreds of birds in it, and you can walk inside.

 Looks like a toy, I thought because of his wonderful color. But I like him :D

 Leaving from there and took a short walk, then,

 Wow, they're looking. For what? Well, I found later that they all stared at a door which the feeder shows up. That's why they were so earnest.

She seems cute, however,

 "I just finished hunting." She still has a spirit of wildness you know.

I remember days spending in East Africa anytime looking at giraffes :)

In closing...

 They have a dome for butterfly ;) I found a board of notification that says over 2,000 of them were freed in it last month. Small, big, and colorful. While I was taking pictures, some butterflies came close at me to land.

 Tama Zoo is not easy to access from main stations such as Tokyo, Shinjuku. If you want to visit a zoo near from them, simply go to Ueno Zoo. Still, I prefer Tama Zoo because of its largeness yet not so many people even in weekends.  I'll surely visit there again :)


  1. The first picture look so adorable!!
    I'm really planning to visit a zoo and take my camera with me... but I'v been so occupied these days and besides all we have here is Family Park.

    1. Megu-san

      I tend to take my best one on the top of a post :) Are you busy with your thesis? I took a month or two to finish it back in university days.
      Hmmmm.....loose student I was, I know ;)
      And don't forget to take your camera every now and then!
      Take a short walk around your house like an hour for example?^^