Shinkansen on weekends.

 Riding on Shinkansen (or bullet train) on weekends is something fun for me.  Many people seem just relaxed, chatting with their companions, drinking a beer or two, eating boxed meals called Ekiben (see this post about it), or just sleeping. You can see many colorful luggages above.
 'Not like commuting hours.' I tell myself. When you ride on it at commuting hours, most passengers wear suit, keep staring at their laptops all the way. I'm only one who wear T-shirt and jeans like always, and taking some pictures from a window such times.

 I'm not interested in Shinkansen itself. Nor machines such as trains. But I like moving from one to the next. Probably this is why I keep coming back to my hometown Nagoya every month. I can't... be standing-still.

 Anyway, I enjoyed the mood in it, the weekend's Shinkansen. I'm not even sure what I was doing during the ride, haha :D

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