Before going to the hospital.

 After spending extraordinary busy days, I finally got back here. Not working, but because I had been doing what I wanted to.

 Do you tell what kind of drink it is? It says, "Citrus ichangensis (Yuzu, we say, lemon like fruit.), green tea and soda." The mixture of green tea and soda?? Then added that flavor? No way for me! :)

 A dinner sometime last week. It was Korean and so forth, yes, I'm Korean food fan ;)

He's always in front of my house's door. I brought it from East Africa in 2007, old time, you know. It's called Makonde, as you may know. I always like the style of it and I first saw it in 2006, when I was on tour as a fresh student in a university, and all of fresh students were sent to somewhere in a hotel to get to know each other. On the way to get there, the bus suddenly stopped at a museum named "Makonde Art Museum". I had no idea what Makonde was at that time. I'm a person who still can't see the value of most of the arts. But Makonde inspired me a lot. I stood before each one for a long time. I didn't think I was going to visit Tanzania and Makonde village while there that time. Just one year later, I was there. Probably that museum somehow led me there :)

 Rain, cloud, then....

Everything's gonna be alright :)


  1. nice pictures^^

    1. Megu-san
      Good morning and thank you Megu-san! :)
      Yes, they can understand ハクナマタタ in Kenya and around East Africa ;)
      I spoke it a lot back then^^

  2. おはよう!

    ohh yesterday I went out for dinner with a select group (28 people) of my student union. ( I don't know if this is the literal translation, but oh well, it will do) (nearly)Everyone who studies Japanese is a member of this union.
    It's a great way to meet new people, they set up events, they plan trips abroad, they can set up meetings with exchange students etc etc and stuff like that.. :D
    Anyway, we went for the 'all you can eat' concept at an Asian restaurant. I had lots of sushi, yaki udon, kimchi, rice, sashimi, ahhh it tasted delicious.
    I also tried Green Tea Ice Cream for the first time, and Black Sesame Ice Cream.
    The taste was,, how can I say..
    Very unusual for me, I mean, of course I now what black sesame and green tea taste like. But ice cream?? xd haha I did not know what to expect.
    So I took a small first bite and it was amazing. So refreshing and just a little bit sweet/ not too much, it was perfect!
    I wish I could eat like this everyday! ;p


    1. おはよう!^^

      So you went to an Asian restaurant yesterday! Cool :)
      I like the style so called 'all you can eat' by the way!
      Not that delicious probably, however, I can eat until I become enough.
      You know, it relieves my heart especially when I'm so hungry^^

      Oh I ate sushi the day before yesterday (which means we had sushi on the same day?^^), I took it in Shinjuku, Tokyo.
      It cost much as a lunch though, hm, considering Tokyo and sushi, that was fair enough ;)
      I've seen Green Tea Ice Cream many places plus Starbucks offer sweet drinks contain green teas!
      Look at the green one, it's Matcha ;)
      I used to like it :D
      But Black Sesame Ice Cream! I have to try at least once!!
      We use sesame for many kinds of meals.
      You ate yaki udon, I sometimes put (black/white) sesame on it!
      You can also put it on plain rice and eat with soy sauce^^

      I'm glad to hear that you enjoy days there ;)
      Let's talk again, shall we? :D

  3. おはよう!
    Okay, as soon as you find black sesame ice cream you must buy it. Promise me! You'll love it! I just know so.

    1. Suzanne-san, Good afternoon :)

      Actually I DO have both black and while sesames in my kitchen!
      What should I do?! ;)
      I managed to finish writing a new post by the way.
      So.... enjoy! :D