Asuke, a rural place in Aichi Prefecture.

Asuke is a heart and soul town of mine. Located near Nagoya city where I was born, my parents used to bring me there.

 Like any other rural villages in this country, Asuke also has a river and mountains. This place is popular especially in Autumn, people are packed in there to see the leaves change into orange, yellow and red. I've never been there in Autumn by the way, due to heavy traffic jams and so on. Well, there aren't so many people except Autumn, so I prefer to visit there like last week, late summer.

 Walking across a red bridge, then,

 Asuke Yashiki!! (the word "yashiki" means "big house" :)) As you can see in the picture, some people enter with their dogs. It appears you can visit with them. I should have come here with my lovely dog ;)

 The temperature wasn't so high, I think it was around 30 degrees. Summer was about to leave this country, we are welcome to upcoming Autumn, but how about winter? I'm terrible with that!

 They were placed in front of the gate. Oh, the admission fee was about 3US$ (300yen), for the record :)

It has traditional houses in it, I took a glance at them one by one, sometimes took my camera to shoot.

 Old style sandal! :D

 One day calender, and,

 Umbrellas ;)

 I like seeing old houses though, if you ask whether I could live there or not, it would definitely confuse me a day or two. Just looking, that's what I like, haha.

 Beautiful lamps :) They are making it in front of me plus if you want, you can buy it on site.

 Asuke is not easy to access, nor has brilliant things. But anytime I feel depressed in my hometown Nagoya, I come visit there to take a deep breath. No working, no reading, just sitting by the river to listen to the sound the natural play. Sure, I'll be back soon :)


  1. こんにちは^^
    I can imagine why you would want to visit this place whenever you are not well.
    It's so peaceful, so beautiful. Life looks easy over there.
    Ohh I wish this year was over already, so I could come to Japan for those 3 months I was talking about. They say we are going to be send to Yamagata?
    What do you know about that place?
    Anyway, of course we'll be travelling to other cities as well. And.. it 3 months! So that means I have enough time to come and visit you :D that would be so awesome :)
    I really like these photos by the way, the artefacts you show. like the lamp and 傘 ( I love this kanji) come out so beautiful. (I need to get myself an umbrella like that as well :P )
    Oh, by the way, I think I am finally back in my rtythm . I now how to divide my time between my study and funtime. Soo that means I will be sending you more mails from now on, (like we used to :D )
    いい一日を! :3

  2. Good morning, Suzanne-san! ;)
    This place named Asuke is famous for Autumn leaves as I wrote.
    I wish I could see it with you^^
    I've never been to Yamagata, but I know something about it.
    Located next to Fukushima and such, many people from Yamagata live in Tokyo.
    I especially like Japanese style pickles that is made there.
    Because of heavy snows there in Yamagata, it has a variety of pickles.
    And I'm a big fan of "pesora"!
    (Somehow it doesn't sound like Japanese, but it is Japanese word, haha)
    Dipped in vinegar, eggplants became white and tasty.
    (I'm not sure why blackish eggplants turns into white, yes, there are many mysteries about it :))

    Three months are the best to see everything in this country.
    And I assure you will be able to see cherry blossoms by the time you come^^

    Busy days had finally gone and today is a day off!
    I'll go to a city after writing something :D