Something I ate lately.

 Boxed meals, or Bento (about Bento, see this post) on Shinkansen! Actually I took this picture a few hours ago :) Raw fish on the rice, Japanese food box, and some kind of European, I guess.

 It's a popular instant noodle from Korea. Since I was too tired to cook something at that time, I just cut vegetables and boiled them all :)

 Ah, it's a lunch last week, or two weeks ago. I went to some sushi restaurant in a big city in Tokyo. I asked a chef to cook sushi that value around 50US$, or 5,000yen. Hum, I liked the taste, but.... Considering the price, I prefer the one I ate in Toyama. Once you eat sushi there in Toyama (about Toyama, see this post), there's no turning back, I promise! :D
 Anyway, it was the first time for me to go such a high rank sushi restaurant. Whatever it is, 50US$ for a single lunch isn't that cheap, at least for me. Even if it is, I ordered rather low price at that restaurant. There were menus that say more than 200US$ for a dinner. And there're many rules I have to follow (that I really don't like because of their pointless, by the way.) such style of sushi restaurants. While the chef cook sushi one by one, I kept asking him many things like 'Should I eat one by one, or wait for minutes to be prepared and eat at all once?' 'Should I eat with my hands or chopsticks?'. Fortunately the chef was kind and responded my questions :)

Pasta with eggplants and tomato sauce, yummy! ;) Italian is always my favorite :)

A breakfast sometime this weekday. I was a person who only drinks coffee in the mornings. No bread, no salad, no nothing. But these days I try to eat more and more. From a banana alone, yes, that day I ate that much!

Basically I don't drink, but sometimes I feel like taking not coffee, but alcohol :) Oh, it hit 1:19 in the dead of night and by writing it, I became really hungry! Hmmmmmmm....!!! :)


  1. The European one looks like a ' quiche' a small savory tart. It's French. I always like to make those, you can vary with the ingredients endessly and it's so easy to bake ^^

    I love how those sushi restaurants present their sushi by the way. It looks so sophisticated! :D

    (somehow my japanese writing pad doesn't work, too bad.. ) soo..
    Jya neeee!! ;3

    1. Good morning, Suzanne-san :)

      You're right! It's quiche!
      We call it "キッシュ" by the way, I eat sometimes and taste really nice ;)
      Since it's getting cooler recently, I want to cook it by myself this year :D

      The sushi restaurant was good atmosphere as well as taste.
      Besides, it was pretty quiet, I couldn't imagine it was in the middle of a business district :)