Sushi recipes witout raw fish ;)

 Sushi is nice, I always think so. And I want to make anything what I regard it as nice. So I made it a few days ago ;) Basically, sushi consists of raw fish and rice. Rice? Probably it's not that difficult to get. However, what about raw fish? Is it easy? These days you can get tasty raw fish anywhere by importing with airplanes and ships. But.... what if you can't get it neither? Then cook what you can get :) I have to admit that some people in my country think sushi should be made of rice and raw fish, I personally don't think so though.

 I bought all ingredients a day before this event. But precooking was way harder and time-consuming than I had thought at first. Making three or four kinds of sauces, chopping vegetables, boiling and so on. I started to do it  around 10:00 and not finished yet at 15:30, when my friend came in my home to cook together. I read some recipes in books, then here it is :)

You want to know what kind of sushi I cooked, don't you? :D Well, let's take a look one by one.
 1 Fried shrimp, sliced cabbages with tartar sauce
 2 Sliced roast beef and avocado, with grated horseradish
 3 Sardines in oil, sliced onions and some kind of alfalfa
 4 Raw ham and Welsh onions
 5 Smoked salmon, scrambled eggs with Tuna from can, and sliced cucumbers
 6 Tasted mushrooms and Welsh onions (again!).
 7 Fish minced and steamed which is with mayonnaise, and salty cucumbers (again!)

 We were all amateurs and we didn't even know how to make rice look well shape. Probably I would have asked him (It links an older post of this blog) :)

 Because I rather picked foods originally from Western such as Sardines in oil (it was from Portugal, I learned later), roast beef (We call it the same name as the imported word by the way ;)), raw ham and so forth. There are many ingredients that I hadn't heard of.
 'What is horseradish?! I can't even imagine what it's like! Salty? Spicy? Big shape? Expensive? I don't know anything about it!'
 Cooking is always fan. What makes it so enjoyable for me is I can find something completely new. 'Roast beef and rice seasoned with vinegar???? No way! I strongly suggest we should eat separately!' That person (It was me :P) admired it immediately after tasting one portion of them. I like to create fun. I'll keep on making something new ;)


  1. おはよう!
    Those are some interesting combinations you have made :)
    I always like experimenting with different ingredients, creating new things and hoping it will turn out well.
    This morning I had left over sushi rice from yesterday evening. I decided to eat it with fig confiture (yes confiture again! :P ) and some coconut flakes on top. It actually tasted delicious. The stickyness of the rice, with the sweet figs and soft almost vanilla like taste of coconut. yummie!
    I love this post, ありがとう!

    1. Good morning, Suzanne-san!

      Ohhhhhh I am so sorry for letting you wait :(
      I was a bit busy and not feeling well, but I'm fine now :)
      Wow, fig confiture and sushi rice, and coconut?!
      That's another world for me XD
      I will definitely keep making new meals so that I could introduce here^^


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    1. You're welcome and it's an honor for me to be told about it :) Sure, I'll make a new post whenever I find something interesting regardless it's about Japan or not ;)