Fresh start, again.

 I'm sorry for my depressed post last night, I am. I would like to take some rest, maybe a year or two to travel around the world, like from Thailand, across Eurasia, then go into Africa. Hm.... How to deal with my money situation and the job I belong now? They never accept my desire to traveling, you think? Well... I've already done it all, I mean, traveling. And by looking at pictures I took, that relieves me a bit, yet surely. Tomorrow I have a day off. Given the drained days I spent, I will go eat a restaurant, probably sushi. No music, no reading, no cooking tomorrow, just think nothing, I promise.
 Oh, it hits 23:21 and soon it comes a new day. Let me start all over once again, please :)

P.S. I'm really hungry by the way! What should I do for this?! Eating such a mid-night? It must be bad for my health. Ah, I go to an Indian restaurant nearby to eat, just for today, okay? :) :)

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