Meals I ate lately.

 I like cooking. Once I find foods I like, I can't help but cooking by myself. Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai.... I can't say which one is my best, I like them all :)
 Above: I cooked a kind of sushi :D Vinegared rice, ginger, herbs, salmon and so on. This wooden square box is called "masu", a traditional measure in my country. When you pick uncooked rice, for example, you use it. it can take almost 180ml ;)

 And rice balls! :D I bought and ate them on the table in a convenience store. They usually sell rice balls around 1-1.5US$ each.

 Buffet! This restaurant also runs farms and cottages somewhere in a rural, so they can serve fresh vegetables and rice, even tea which they made!

Rice, pickles and miso(soy paste) soup^^

Another miso soup, you think? Non ;) It's a sweets named "oshiru-ko". Many people from abroad are surprised to see that it is sugar taste with beans!

 Gelato, green tea, cakes and stuff.... I can't eat anymore XD

 Green tea always makes me feel comfortable. You know, when things get me down, I can't cook at all. I tend to go out for eating such times. Yes, it costs much sometimes though, if it makes me feel any better, that's must be nice, and I don't think it wastes my money, at all.

In closing.....

 Sushi, again :) We call it "Temari-zushi". Many sushi are rectangle shapes, however, it looks like balls. The name Temari is a traditional ball in my country. Because this kind of sushi really resemble to it, they named so.
 Do you think I ate it in some restaurant or I cooked it myself? Well, I did it! :) :)


  1. Woooww! That looks mouthwatering.
    I am actually having a BBQ tonight in France (again ) The weather is just great over here :)

    1. Suzanne-san :)
      Wow, did you enjoy BBQ again?!
      You're a BBQ addict, aren't you? :P
      I haven't had it over years though, I want to do it!!
      I'll make a new post from now^^