Collapse, or...


Rainy season finally finished in Tokyo a few days ago and we have over 35 degrees C with incredible humidity past a few days as well. Despite I like summer more than any other seasons, devastating days of depression has still hit to me over and over, I'm just exhausted. Gradually, things go from bad to worse. It deeply makes me think that it's over so frequently. I stop cooking, talking, working, reading, taking pictures, everything. Just sitting on my chair and sigh.

The first fireworks for me this year. Taken from my balcony, but I don't remember when I took.


Things aren't good these days and I know it all happens in my mind. It's really, really easy to get over: stop thinking this ridiculous self-destruction wish, just take a deep breath, take some rest and eat delicious meals.
........Okay, I'm going back to my hometown Nagoya tomorrow, to make things better.


  1. Tania (the taiyaki girl)7/12/2013

    Hey, hello again!! I'm so addicted to your blog! Your photos are amazing and every time you put food pictures it makes me hungry!!!
    Cheer up!!! you are an amazing photographer and surely an amazing cook!!

    じゃね 〜

    1. Thank you for your comment again :) Thanks to kind people around me, I'm getting better now. Currently I'm in Nagoya, where is located in between Tokyo and Osaka, enjoying my holidays ;) I'll go to a famous shrine today for a short walk^^