A short walk in Atsuta Shrine, Nagoya.

 During the stay in Nagoya, my home town, I went to Atsuta Shrine, a kind of religious and historical place in this town for a chore to do.

 I took subways from my home to the destination. Since it's really hot and humid here in this country, it was comfortable both waiting for a train and in it.

 Atsuta Shrine is located in Nagoya city, where is the forth biggest city in my country. Because this religion so called "Shinto" think it's important to be clean, they always have a place to wash your hands. 

 It is not like "A forest is there in the middle of Atsuta Shrine", but it's more like "Atsuta Shrine is there in the middle of a forest". It's surrounded by a whole bunch of trees.

 "I like this atmosphere." I said myself. There were not so many people inside though, some elders and young people enjoyed walking.

 The many bowed their heads in front of a gate, or when they entered it with their hats uncovered. But others just ignored it, like me. "I like the way it is." Again, I said myself.

It's all your call whether you believe a religion or not. And this religious place seemed to be so. Even when I took pictures anywhere including important buildings, guards and relative people never said anything to me. They just stood there. We have a right to believe something we want to believe, and more importantly, we also have a right not to believe what you don't want to believe. I'm not a person who believe Shinto, still I sometimes come visit here for taking a rest.

I always go to temples and shrines when I need some air because I like all of them, despite I don't believe both. The traditional way of roofs, beautiful tiny gardens, trees and leaves....everything. There are a few places where old good Japan still remains. And I really respect people who believe something strongly. They have the thing what I don't have.

Whenever visiting temples and shrines, it reminds me of a story of mine. It was the way from Nagoya to Tokyo by motorcycle, probably late 2006. Driving for a few hours made me tired, so I found a temple on a hill to take a rest and eat some food. I took my motorcycle in front of the temple, ate some rice balls made my own. I believe it was spring and warm enough. Eating a bit, looking at green colored trees, then back to eating....Nobody was there, I was alone.....Absolutely the happiest moment ever at that time.

 I know Japanese have a unique mentality. They celebrate a new year by going to temples and shrines on 1st January, but they celebrate their weddings in churches. What is happening?! It looks they have no discipline. 

 One thing I think is that going to temples and shrines are no longer religious purpose, at least for me. It's more like my own culture. I don't believe their religions, but I respect it deeply.

 If you visit there, you'll understand it more. Atuta Shrine is really important place for Shinto. they said that this year 2013 it became 1900 year-old. it has a long history, but once you go out and come back to a station nearby, you'll find starbucks, Kebab stall, and convenience stores. They all co-exist peacefully.

I just hope its way will last long. 

 Well, I'll be back soon ;)

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