Kanazawa and Hokuriku region.

Okay, I got back on my feet and I'm fine now. I'm sorry I sometime have you worried. My depression....it happens now and then, some kind of the bad routine of mine. I'm going to get through this, so don't worry :)

Well... time for talking with this post! ;)

I went to Kanazawa city, located in northern part of Japan so called Hokuriku. It was the first time for me to visit there in the winter, and that was absolutely beautiful season to visit. (It's so cold though!)
(See here and here about last time I visited)

We've lost many historical buildings in wars, especially in the Second World War. But here in Kanazawa, some districts remain their shapes about 400 years. 400 years!! I can't imagine how long it is... Buildings in Japan is typically made of woods, not stones like Europe. It's burned easily, plus due to natural disasters such as earthquake, Tsunami, volcano and so forth, it's really difficult to remain something as it is in Japan.

I visited one of the old house which is under preserved. Called "Nomura-ke", which is well known as a beautiful garden and its oldish house. It costs 500yen for admission fee, however, it's definitely worth spending! :)
(Official site of Kanazawa, see here)

This is "Butsudan" mainly for respecting ancestors. Although houses these days don't have it (I don't have it neither), some old houses still have their own Butsudan in it, like my grandmother's house.

Nomura-ke was a family of warrior. They had come into their equipments of war for a long time and it is displayed now in the showcase.

There is a small museum along with this old house. Swords, paintings and stuff you can see.

Walking along the narrow corridor and...

Here it is :D You probably know that I love Japanese gardens!

Totally stunning, I know! :)

By the way, the weather was really unstable at that time. Sometime raining,  sometime sun was shining.

There is a tea room upstairs :) Oh my, I forgot to shoot it :(


Hokuriku region is a famous place with heavy snow in the winter. Accumulated snow sometime hit a meter or two. Besides tremendous snow, we have a big problem, it's declining the population. Many young people leave their hometown to big city like Tokyo, and never coming back.

However, who can blame whom? First thing you do when waking up in the early morning is getting rid of snow on your car, on the roof of your house, a path to the main road from your house. And after that you will work all the day? Most people just can't do it, at least I can't. That is a big reason why younger people give up living such a snowy region.

I was born in a rather big and warm city but my ancestors were traditionally there in Hokuriku region for a real long time and my grandmother lives there alone. I could ask her to live with me or my parents, however, she loves there. So...I decided to do what all I can do. Visiting her as much as I could, a few times a year. It's far away from Tokyo to her place (It takes 6-7 hours by night bus), but it doesn't matter!

Yes, Hokuriku region is still there and will be there, however, things are getting worse. The worst thing is that people are about to forget it and I'm really afraid of it. You see, my two brothers hardly come visit there, only once in 5 years? I can't even remember. I will never ever forget my grandmother and there as long as I live.

After getting back to my home in Tokyo, The sun was shining and there was no snow around, as if there is no snow in the world. Well, I won't forget anything I felt in the snowy place. So, don't worry.


  1. Super nice!!! See you later this evening!!!

    1. Tonight!! I'm waiting for you!! in Tokyo!! :) :)