Tokyo Tower, 2013 winter.

Probably Sky Tree is more famous and popular than Tokyo Tower now. So....It's time for going to Tokyo Tower! Not so crowded even in the evening.

About 333 meters high, opened in 1958, it's still a symbol in Tokyo. There are two observatories there, lower one (150m from the ground) and higher one (250m). I think it's enough from lower one. We need to pay 820 yen for Main Observatory (lower one) and 600 yen for Special Observatory.

Here's how it looks from lower observatory. It's perfect isn't it? ;)

There are some glasses that can stand and see the ground. Can you stand on it? I can and I definitely like it :D

Well, it's a bit cold today. But surely I am going somewhere to take pictures! :)


  1. Suzanne2/09/2013

    げんきですか? I have been quite busy lately, just like you ^^ you know, on thursday evening I will have to present my project to teachers and parents.

    It's a research report about propaganda in Germany during World War 2 in comparison with propaganda in the 1950's in the United States. The presentation is the final assignment for our project. It is something very important and every student in Holland has to do this project in his/her final year.
    Luckily my mentor is very enthousiastic about it and he said me and my friend will get a good grade.

    Now enough about this :) I am getting kind of tired about the project because we have been going at it for so long.

    Luckily there is your blog. I always come here to read some of your stories to take my mind off of stressfull things. Here I am able to relax, take some time for myself. Look at your photos, get to know what you have been doing lately. Your blog is perfect for when I need some time off. ありがとうね。

    By the way, have you had any quakes lately? The news is actually on right now and they are reporting about earthquakes in Holland, with a force of 3,7. Now these aren't natural, but they are induced by ourselves because we are drilling for gases underneath the surface.
    Stupid isn't it? In Japan everyone needs to be prepared for when THE BIG ONE hits and over here we are creating quakes ourselves, just because some stupid company wants to drill in the earth. Our government is already complaining about it, but it seems the drilling will not be stopped. Peoples houses are already dameged but they will get some kind of refund.

    Oh did you hear, our Queen will pass on the throne to her son. This will be on the 30th of april. The 30th of april will also be the last day we celebrate "Queen's Day" here in Holland. Next year it will be "King's Day" which will be held on the 26th of April, on the birthday of our soon to be King. If you didn't already know, Holland is known for their love for the Royal family.
    If you would like to know what Queen's Day is like, just google some images of "Koninginnedag" (the way we call it in Dutch) we certainly love dressing in orange in weird ways.. See for yourself!


  2. おはよう!
    I'm in Toyama prefecture with my grandmother now ;)
    It's heavy snow falling, but I'm going to take pictures this afternoon :)

    You are busy these days as well, I'm glad you didn't forget to see this blog!
    Wow, the project you prepare for seems difficult!
    You know, we don't do much presentation in my country, we rather take exam.
    Although I prefer to present...

    Thank you for feeling that way, I really appreciate it :D
    I try not to forget to update this blog.
    Although this place is so small and almost invisible, I'm here to people read my posts.

    Fortunately we don't have much quake these days.
    So sad to hear that your country has quakes due to man-made disaster...
    I'm really terrible with quakes, so I can understand how they feel when people get it.
    Hopefully someone can stop drilling :(

    Yes, of course I knew that the new king is coming up! It's the first time in 123 years, right? :)
    It's good that people respect their Royal family.
    In Japan, we don't pay much respect to our emperor since we did it too much when it was WW2.
    Many people consider it as dangerous sign somehow.
    It is really sensitive problem, so we don't even talk about it well in Japan.

    Well, today's post is about Tsukiji market!(you know that!)
    Please wait for a moment ;)

    1. Oh, I almost forgot to say.
      There is embassy of your country near Tokyo Tower!
      I found it there :) :)


  3. Suzanne2/10/2013

    雪ですか?Over here snow has fallen as well, it looks all beautiful and white outside ^^

    You're right! It's exactly 123 years ago. How good of you to know this! Where did you hear the news? :D
    I have heard before about the quite sensitive issues evolving around the Japanese emperor oh and the national anthem as well, could you maybe tell me some more about it? And what is your view on the situation?

    Ahh I enjoyed your oost about Tsukiji! You certainly added a lot of pictures and thanks to that I have a more clear view of the place.

    Really? You saw the Dutch embassy? I didn't know that is was located so close to Tokyo Tower, thanks for telling me. You know, I wish to work there when I am older, the Dutch embassy in Japan, did I tell you that before? I don't think so.?? Well, now you know ^.^

    それじゃあ! ;)

    1. おはよう!(*´∇`*)
      Oh, your country is covered with snow again, how beautiful it is :)

      I took a glance at the news on a website and that was a big one, I mean, headline ;)
      Yes, we've disputed whether we sing the national anthem in public spaces like elementary schools for a long time, but no clear answer has been appeared.
      Okay, since it's really sensitive issues, I'm going to tell you in E-mail later ;)

      You're welcome!
      When you visit Japan, you can't miss to go there!
      Here's a thing.
      It is said that Tsukiji will move to other place in the near future.
      We don't know when it is, and don't even know whether it will move or not, but it looks moving somewhere....maybe a few years later?

      Although I knew you want to work in Japan, I didn't realize it's Dutch embassy in Japan!
      Wow, how cool!
      Japan is really good place to live, well, summer is hot and humid , but thanks to four seasons, we can enjoy nature, many kinds of food and such!