Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum, pt.3.

Where's pt.2?! Here it is :)

Cycling on my bicycle, I was heading to the place where I like the most of all museums in Tokyo.

There are many museums in Tokyo, but I have hardly been most of them since I'm not cut out to be art. However, Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum(Official site, but what a poor information site it is...), I could feel I'm in the middle of something really important.

The building I like the most in this museum is this one, a house of a former politician in Japan. He was murdered in this house when he was asleep, it was before Second World War.

There's nothing like this house in current Japan.

Windows, interiors, I like all of them deeply :)

It was around 9:45 in the morning at that point, right after opening this museum and there's nobody there.

I put an old lens which my father gave me by the way. He bought it before he left Japan to the U.S. for studying. It was about 30 years ago yet this lens still can use with my state-of-the-art camera...How nice ;)

You see? Glass are not flat because these are made in Meiji-era, about a hundred years ago. You can't rebuild once you break it. I can't even touch them, haha.

It's a kitchen! :D

Oh oh oh....out of focus, It was too dark to realize it :(

The weather wasn't good, as you can see. It was a cold morning and I found pigeons walking on the ice of the surface in a river.

But by the time I was about to leave this museum, the sky turned blue. Yes, I like shine :)


It's the first time to upload a picture of mine :)
(Or maybe second time?!)

I didn't use anything such as soft filter. I was just standing in front of a mirror and shot it. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) mirror was too duty to reflect something clear. Anyway...

Hello again! :)


  1. Suzanne2/22/2013

    The colours look really beautiful, so soft and light. oh and Thanks for sending mail by the way, ありがとう!
    I didn't tell you yesterday, but on the 6th of march I will go to Leiden to visit the university of my choice and I will spend an entire day following classes there ^^ But first I have to get permission from school, でももんだいない。 ^^
    Anyway, today I am going out to the beach again、よるに。 The weather looks pretty nice so hopefully I'll be able to capture some great sunsets at sea.

    1. おはよう、Suzanne! ;)
      You're improving your skill of Japanese! It's great isn't it? :)
      Wow! You're going to go visit the university you want to join! 6th of March is soon, I'm looking forward to hearing how you feel about it :D

      I guess you are home by now. Did you enjoy the beach? And did you take some photos? In Japan it's good weather today too. Still cold though, I think winter is gradually coming to the end :) But I have to go to work today too! Too sad....I have a day off tomorrow, I will surely go out then! :)

  2. Oooh! These are really beautiful pictures...

    1. Thank you for commenting on the post :) I really like this place, and I'm so happy that this museum is just near my home :D