outtakes of last week :)

In spite of dull condition of my mental health (or "because of ", I think), I went out a lot and took many pictures last week.

It's okay as long as I can shoot photos. Taking a picture in a park, on the street and so on.

Soon I find myself I can tackle with the problem by myself again.

I absently checked my wallet this morning and realized that I spent much money, almost ran out, for transportation and eating out.

Well, I always try not to blame myself in such a case. "It can't be helped." I say myself. Money is there for spending in case I'm in trouble :)

I decided to travel to Europe early this summer by the way. I was born and grown in Japan besides a month in Cambodia and two months in Kenya. I've never been Europe but thought it's time for traveling there and see what would happen :D


  1. Suzanne2/05/2013

    Wow! Awesome pictures, I don't know which one is my favourite, they are all very strong.

    So you have a problem with money as well, lately I find it hard to stop spending so much. But somehow eveytime something pops up and I have to spend some more, and more... and... more. I need to be careful I think.

    Oooohh I wish it was summer already, that would be great! ^^ I can not wait for it.


    1. こんにちわ!
      Don't worry, you will soon be able to take your favorite pictures by your new camera! ;)

      It seems we both have a problem with spending money, haha...
      I had a lot of things to buy, especially computer device things like external hard drive, monitor and so on.
      Although I thought I finished to by everything, new ones come up XD

      Well, summer will be soon!
      But I can't wait for it neither! :D