Tsukiji market, February 2013.

I visited Tsukiji market, located along with Tokyo Bay yesterday. Looking back on my first post in this blog, it was also about Tsukiji market. What a coincidence! :)

I love markets. I've been to many markets in many countries. Rwanda, Syria, Cambodia and so on... Things they sell and prices are quite different each place I visited, but there is something in common. They all have much energy in markets. Anyway,

It's oysters from Hiroshima :D

I can stay there forever, I really love this place :) Many kinds of fish, vegetables and fruits.

Tsukiji market is a place where many small shops are gathering. this shop seems to only sell salmon.

It was around 9 a.m. and most of shops had already finished their job and they were in the middle of washing their floor and tables.

Oh.....these are testing foods. Take some even if you don't plan to buy ;) It's okay for just eating and leaving. You buy only if you taste and think it's good.

Well, I heard once before that they cut fish's head to prevent it from going off. I'm not sure if it's true or not, but I found many fish cut their head partly.

Guess what, it's Tuna! Japanese really love it, it's the most popular and the most expensive as well. Do you have any idea how big this red thing? It's about one meter! :D

I asked him to buy 4kg and that was 16,000 yen. I must say it's really really cheap. You can't buy such a good one with this price. But since I bought it with my friends (We were nine people with me!) and we were with a sushi chef, so he asked some discount :)

After wrapped with green papers...

It really looks like katana, or Japanese sword, right?

This is Wasabi, or Green horseradish and it says this wasabi is 18,000 yen for 1kg. 18,000 yen!! I always put 100 yen wasabi for sushi in my home, haha....

This is Tuna. You can see on the top is colored with deep red. This is called "akami", the cheapest part of Tuna in sushi but there are many people who love this part. Look at the right side. It looks whiter and this is exactly the part where is the most expensive one called "Oh-toro". I sometime find it in Sushi restaurants and although it depends on where you eat, it sometimes hits 600 yen for one portion of Oh-toro.

Well, that's it for today. Did you enjoy reading this post about Tsukiji market? It's really impressive place to see, I'm glad if you read and want to visit there :)

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