Ramen museum ( noodle museum) in Shin-Yokohama.

Last weekend I went to Ramen museum(noodle museum) in Shin-Yokohama. It was rainy day, but I felt like taking pictures outside. Since Ramen museum is in the building (actually underground), so it was best for me to take it.

I came here because I like ramen for sure. But....look!

This whole place was old-fashioned decoration, I love old things more than anything!

("Let's go to the Ramen museum!" he says.)

You probably feel as if you travel back in time to Showa era, that started from 1926 to 1989. Especially this building looks 1970's style.

Most (maybe every) ramen shop in the Ramen museum has half-portion ramen. Oh I didn't tell you that this museum has several ramen shop inside. Yet I found 9 shops, I only tasted two of them.

It's ramen, sorry for my poor skill of taking picture....

Anyway, it's located near Shin-Yokohama station, where is famous for stopping Shinkansen (Bullet train). How about drop by this tasty museum when you travel by Bullet train? :)


  1. Hi there! I'm planning a trip to Japan in April, and this is the first site that pops up when I googled 'underground ramen' in Yokohama. Do you have any advices on taking the JR train? I'm probably going to spend all day in Yokohama or so.

    1. Hi! It's nice to hear that you'll be in Japan next month. So, will you go to Ramen Museum in Shin-Yokohama? That's great and I want to visit there as soon as possible! :) You can access the nearest station Shin-Yokohama ("Shin" means "new" in Japanese, by the way) by a JR bullet train called "Shinkansen", or, you can also choose local lines by JR. I think you go and back to Yokohama, and there is JR trains yet you have to change the line at Higashi-Kanagawa Station. I don't think it's too complicated, however, there is another choice. If you get on the subway which connects Yokohama and Shin-yokohama directly, you can't miss it! :)
      Here's another recommendation from me: since Ramen Museum is in underground, it's a bit hard to find the building from outside. It's located in business district, plus you have to walk for 10 minutes or so from the station. I advice you to search the route in advance ;)

      If there's something you have question to ask, I'm here :D

    2. Ohh it's so secretive! I'll get so fat eating ramen all day, everyday hahah. Thank you for the advice! I'll be staying in Yokosuka, near the naval base. I've done some research about hiking trails and places to eat. I wonder how the city is at night time!

    3. Wow, you'll stay near Yokosuka! I went to Naval base of The U.S. several years ago when ordinary people were allowed to enter since it was a festival inside. Now, I was checking the official website of Ramen Museum and found that most of the Ramen shops in it also offer half quantity about 550yen. I remember I ordered it everytime so I could taste as much as possible :)

    4. I have people recommending getting half-bowls at the shops. Do you have any experiences taking the JR train? I'm trying to plan a route to Yokohoma (for the ramen museum) and Kyoto and some other temples/hiking rails but I'm still new to it.

    5. Hello there :D Sure, I have a lot of experiences taking the JR train, you can find it everywhere in this country. If you take a long distance trip like Kyoto to Shin-Yokohama, I recommend you to get express trains or bullet trains. Actually I took Shinkansen yesterday from Nagoya to Tokyo, and a short stop at the station Shin-Yokohama reminded me of you ;) Although there are buses for many destination, it's slow and sometimes get traffic jam, so unless you have a plenty of time or you want to save some money, it's better to get on trains. Oh, do you know IC card such as SUICA? There are other kinds of card like PASMO, but they are almost the same. Instead of buying tickets for trains each time, you can charge and recharge on the card, then just put it on the machines when you enter premises for stations. I don't know how many days you'll stay, if you have spare time, I recommend to go to Shinjuku-Gyoen, the garden, or Kappa-bashi where you can find many utensils for cooking. they're all in Tokyo. If you let me know your favorite things, I can find something good for you :)

    6. Then would you recommend buying a JR pass (since I'm still in the US) or buy whenever I take the train over in Japan? I'll be staying from 4/8 thru 17th. Where do you live?

    7. Hi! Its easy to get a IC card for train. They sell it every station which stops JR train. You can find machines in front of entrance the gate for trains and it is available for English as well.
      You have to pay 500 yen for getting one, and your can recharge your money on it after that.
      There are other IC cards besides SUICA, issued by JR.Like PASMO, it's sold by private companies for trains. But don't worry, it's almost the same and you can use it on JR trains. And, you can even get those IC cards in Narita Airport too.
      I live in a rather western area of Tokyo by the way :D

    8. Oh I see. It's much more complicated than what I read hahah. Do you think you can meet up and show me around--if you're not busy with work?

    9. I'm sorry for my late reply :( Wow, it must be nice if we get together and go somewhere, especially in this season, warm and comfortable to take a walk :D There is my email address on this page, I'm waiting for your text :)