About my hometown, Nagoya.

Let me introduce the place called "Nagoya" today. Most people probably don't know it, but actually it's the 4th biggest city in my country. If you have experience to travel from Tokyo to Kyoto by train or bus, you might pass this industrial city. Many people just ignore it and pass to go other destination, but hey, my hometown also worth visiting!

Not like Tokyo, Nagoya is a small city. Yet it has a district named "Bunka-no-michi" or Road of Culture, if you translate in English. Many buildings those were built old time is placed.

 It's a former court, now became a tourist spot. I went there in the summer day. Hot, and humid day as usual in that season in my country. But inside of it was amazingly cool maybe because of the stones used to build.

 This house is nearby that former court, walk by 10 minutes. This kind of unique buildings, not completely western style, nor Japanese were the trend at that time? I don't know ;)

I always love old houses and buildings, it evokes the image of thing that was all gone.

In any case, since I come back to Nagoya once a month (actually, I just came back to my current home West Tokyo today!), I would like to tell you about this tiny city and neighboring spot like Gifu prefecture or Mie prefecture in another time:)

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