Mount Takao.

I climbed up Mount Takao, located in the west in Tokyo last weekend. I basically do not like some sort of exercise things like Jogging, climbing and so on... I wasn't interested those things at all just before I decided to climb Mount Fuji, the highest mountain in my country recently.

So, this is an exercise. adding it, Mount Takao is just 599 meters up. It's really small but very, very popular among people in Tokyo. Why?

 It's because simple; easy to access from cities, not difficult to climb up.

I myself.... it was so hard to walk up and down for many hours! I almost call rescue chopper ! (Just kidding, hahaha...)

There are many kinds of route available in this mountain. I climbed the most major route and the result that I found many temple or Shinto shrine (I can't tell which is whish...) along the road.

On the way back to down it, I took other course. I realized that its course was lighthearted since the road is more natural and steep.

We went along with small river. Taking care not to wet, I went step by step. People who pass me usually say "Hello" to me. As far as I live in the suburb in Tokyo, my home, people seldom say hello even if they live in same apartment. I like mountains. I thought. People get close to each other.

After all, I became to like climbing! Which Mountain will I go ?

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