Kappa-bashi, wholesaler street for cooking devices.

Last week I visited Kappa-bashi, known as the district for cooking devices. Of course you know, I love cooking. When I was back in my hometown Nagoya, it was difficult to find things like frying pan, dish and all that are used in restaurants. Since I had a part time job in the small restaurant for five year during I was a university student, it suited me to use things for restaurant.

I didn't have a particular reason for coming here, but I sometime feel like giving those things  a second look. It reminds me of the time when I was dedicated to work hardly to improve my skill of cooking.

There are many kinds of dish sold here in Kappa-bashi. I wasn't interested in cooking Japanese food until I came here in Tokyo, but I rather learn to cook it recently. I chose and bought chopsticks.
I found many foreigner here in Kappa-bashi. Actually, it seemed more foreigner than Japanese. Probably because it's easy to access from Asakusa, famous tourist spot in Tokyo. You can walk 10 minutes or so to come from Asakusa to Kappa-bashi by walk.

You can see Sky Tree from there clearly. It opened last month, tourist gathering at there. I don't like people crowded, I would like to go and see Sky Tree maybe next year:)

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