Jindaiji temple.

Yesterday I visited Jindaiji temple, located in Chofu city in Tokyo.

It's a temple, but not just temple.

Around Jindaiji temple, there are lots of restaurants which serve "Soba", or buckwheat noodle. I love it, but I didn't eat this time because it was just before payday and I didn't have enough money...

There are also many souvenir shops. Those ornaments are raccoon dogs. This kind of ornaments are believed to be symbols of good luck.

Inside the temple, you sometime can find people of the temple ringing the big bell. It was really attractive atmosphere.

Almost all temple have this small water place inside it. Prayers wash their hand before praying. Maybe washing their hands may mean washing their hearts as well?

Actually, it's in the middle of the rainy season in my country. But not rain everyday. I sometime find sunny day and go out like yesterday :)

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