Shirasu, the meal of whitebait with rice.

 A few days ago, I suddenly got hungry. It was the night, 23:00 or so. I shouldn't have eaten anything, of course, but I couldn't resist it and I cooked it :) This white thing is called whitebait, "Shirasu" in Japanese, boiled small fish. Cheap, easy to find in supermarkets, and on top of that, it's delicious. So, why don't you cook it? Here's how I made it :D

 First, prepare for plain rice. The amount of ingredients? It all depends on how much you eat and hungry! If you want to eat much, then you can prepare enough to be full :D

 Slice green onions. Thin or thick? My preference is rather thicker like the above picture ;) You don't have to burn anything, nor boiling, all you need to do is slicing it. Easy enough, don't you think? :)

 And whitebait Shirasu. What is Shirasu by the way? You would think so. They are mainly young sardines, however, sometimes it contains other fish.

 Boiled Shirasu is usually salty, but doesn't have a strong taste. In order to season it, I put soy sauce a bit, one teaspoon or two.

 Then, I also added some oil from sesame so that the taste of dish becomes richer. I personally like sesame oil by the way, haha.

 And raw egg XD I'm a big fan of it. Disgusting, you think? But I like it!

 In the end I put some white sesames on it as a topping. It helps add a different texture when you eat the dish.

TIP: When I add sesames, I usually do it with grinding by my fingers. By doing so, sesame itself has many textures and make more flavor than just putting without doing anything.

 Okay, it's ready do eat! :) No fire, no complicated process to prepare, it's one of the best meals for the dead of the nights! :) Oh, just one thing: don't eat so much such a night! ;)


  1. Hi, Iko.

    It looks very tasty alright. Does shirasu taste something like anchovies?

    1. Goood afternoon :)
      It hard to explain what Shirasu tastes like, but it's more mild than Anchovies.
      It's not covered by oil like anchovies, but boiled.
      I sometimes can find raw one, it's so fresh and delicious of course :)

  2. I would certainly pour tea inside and turn it into shirasu ochazuke. LOL

    1. Oh, that's another way of tasting nice meal with shirasu, ike "Tai chazuke". I'm sure I'll cook it sooner rather than later :)