Eating Sukiyaki in a restaurant.

 The day before yesterday was a bit warm and I felt like eating meals not cooked by myself. And I also thought it must be nice if I could go eat a good meal in a silent chic place. That's the reason why I chose the restaurant named "Kisoji" to have a lunch.

 Kisoji is one of my memorable restaurants for myself. Probably I've eaten there before I was born. I mean, it's also my parents' favorite. As I was a kid, my all-time food in Kisoji was Sukiyaki, a Japanese dish. Boiled beef, vegetables and soup were served in the unique iron pot, then eat with a raw egg. Again, I like raw eggs so much and that might be why I like it :D

 After sitting back on a chair, they gave me a fabric for placing on my luggage to protect it from splash that could come from sauce, tea, or anything during eating.

 "I've been to Kisoji several hundred times." While I was waiting for the dish to come, I thought myself. It was the first time to come to Kisoji in Tokyo, but seemingly it looks like the one where I usually went: The Japanese traditional clothes were worn by women working in the restaurant, the way they communicate with customer were obviously over-hospitality and that's exactly what I'm fond of :)

 Okay, here it is :D Soon after beginning to eat, I realized how they think about cooking. It was absolutely well-managed and they took a huge amount of time to create their own menu.

 I also tasted raw fish with the dish. It was a few pieces of sliced fish, but it really fresh and taste great. I was really satisfied the fact that Kisoji has been the great restaurant in my life :)


  1. Just Me1/30/2014

    Hi iko, visit your blog makes me feel good, relaxed and often hungry!
    I wanted to make you my compliments especially for the photographs that are beautiful. You have no idea how much I wish I could enjoy those dishes and visit those places that you describe in your post.
    I hope to do one day, in the meantime I enjoy what you show us.

    Thank you!

    1. Hello, and thank you for visiting on my blog :)

      I'm really pleased to hear that you are relaxed while reading, because that's what I always try to express :)
      Not only Kisoji I just introduced in this post, but also there are many good restaurants with high quality in my country.
      So whenever you feel like coming, then coming! :D
      To help you where and what to see, I'd like to show more :)

  2. Just Me2/01/2014

    When I will make the program of my jouney in Japan I will consult (obviusly) you and your blog for the list of restaurants and places to visit. ;)

    1. Hi! Do you have a plan to visit Japan?! That must be nice and I'll wait for hearing from you :)

    2. Just Me2/06/2014

      Not yet unfortunately. I'm from Italy, too far away, so it's a fairly challenging journey ... but not impossible! :P

    3. You're absolutely right, that's not impossible though it could look like difficult. Actually I leave for Central America tomorrow, I've never thought I would be there before, but finally the dream come true :)

    4. Just Me2/08/2014

      Immediately after reading your last post about the trip in central america my first thought was "Wow, what luck!" but then I realized that, rather than luck, I envy your courage! Well, enjoy your trip, I'll wait your photos ;)

    5. Thank you, I'm finally here to respond your comment! :) It's almost a week since I left my country, hmm, only a eek! I feel like I've been here for a month! or even a year, haha :D