Kushi style meals in the restaurant :)

 Last week my friend and I met in a city to have a lunch. What we have in common is that both like to eat out, especially somewhere new. Since I found the restaurant which is all-you-can-eat buffet plus its feature is self frying on your table, I decided to eat there.

 We gathered in front of the restaurant. It was just after starting lunch hour and there was few people eating. We put our luggage inside our bench and started to eat.

 You can see something on your table. Well, I'll explain later of course :)

 We can bring whatever we want like buffet style, so I picked something up. It wasn't only ordinary foods, but also something new for me to fry like "takoyaki", originally it's a unique food in Osaka, but you can find almost anywhere in this country now. We grill it though, we normally don't fry it. Anyway, let's get started :)

 Before frying, we dip this white sauce. It is probably eggs and wheat I guess, then...

 Next, it's bread crumbs that takes good texture when you eat it :D Okay, it's time to fry!

 I thought it was too small to fry, but shortly after starting to do it, I understood it was enough. The sensor seemed to be built in the fryer and it keeps the oil around 170 degrees. Leave 5 minutes or so, then pull it out.

 This is it :) Looks delicious? ;)

 Ah, it's Takoyaki! This ball shaped food actually has a chopped octopus inside it. It's a kind of fast food and many kids buy it after coming back from school.

 And instant noodle?? :) It appears they have a variety of foods!

 He took curry by the way. He always eats it wherever he goes to restaurants, haha.

 There were six or seven sauces you can choose from, such as sweet, hot, sour one. I took all sauces, for the record :D Of course you can dip it before eating as well as eat without dipping anything.

 Like any other places for all-you-can-eat, they also offered sweets. Japanese sweets, ice cream, that was so great!
 It is said that living in Japan costs too much, but personally it's not totally right. If you choose the right places to eat or stay, you can find budget-friendly restaurants and accommodations here and there. The restaurant I introduced this time was about $13 for lunch per person, and don't forget the fact that you can't eat anymore by the time you pay for it. This year, I would like to show you such kind of budget-friendly places as much as possible :)


  1. Ogenki desu ka? Hope you are feeling better now after your fever.

    Nice pictures! Good to know that your friend is a fan of curry too.

    I've read that a very good takoyaki comes from Osaka: http://eatitjoe.blogspot.com/2009/08/best-damn-takoyaki-in-osaka.html - at least that what the author thinks :)

    Please keep the blog posts coming!

    1. Good evening :)

      The fever has gone now, it only lasted for a day thanks to take a day off.
      About curry, there is no one who don't like curry in my country, although most of them are influenced from British one.
      But we also eat Indian curry recently and you can find many Indian restaurants even in local towns :D
      It's been for a while since I went Osaka last time, I have to visit there soon ;)