Raw fish eating in my home.

 I got a fever a couple days ago and the first day I couldn't eat anything but yoghurt. The next day, when my body temperature got back to normal, I really wanted to eat something healthy. "No oil, no meat today." I told myself. So I went to a supermarket nearby to get something easy to eat. Thus, raw fish was my choice :) As you can see in the above picture, they packed many kinds of fish, around 6 kinds, or maybe more yet cheap. Well, here's a trick. When you eat raw fish like sushi style, you probably notice the fish is sliced beautifully. The sushi chefs cut one by one with their hands, but they can't make all of them completely, especially on the both edges. What are they going to do? Throw them away? No. They collect them and make assembled one. In many supermarkets, you can find this kind of budget-friendly and many edges of the fish all-in-one. The label said it was 397 yen, almost $4 and enough for one person! :D

I brought back, prepared for soy soup, soy sauce, and of course rice, which I just forgot to take picture, then ate it :) In the evening...

 I cooked it! Again, raw fish :) Well, I can live with eating it 365 days a year! (that's my grandmother does, haha. This one was less than $5 but more than 20 pieces for sushi. I sliced it one by one, sometimes picked one of these as an excuse for tasting ;) There are many great sushi restaurants available in Tokyo for sure, but it easily costs $50 or above. Although you can't compare the raw fish in restaurants to the one in supermarkets, it's a good idea to look at in the markets and see what do people in this country eat in general. :)


  1. ええ、とてもおいしそう!
    安いだ!オランデには魚がちょっと高いわよ。残念だと思う ):

    もうすぐ、れんらくするわよ :D

    1. こんにちは^^

      Wow, do you like fish?
      That's nice, when you visit my country, you can live only with fish!
      And you like eels as well?
      I didn't know people in the west also eat it.
      Recently it become more and more difficult to get eels, therefore the price hikes every year.

      About your present, I've got it!
      (Well, you already know but I wanted to say again :))
      You always make me feel happy as well as full stomach! :D

    2. hahhaa happy and full stomach ^^ well that's good to hear! :D
      You're funny ;p

    3. You know what? I've already eaten most of stroopwafels! What should I do?! :)