Tasty boiled egg for ramen or noodle.

There are a variety of toppings for Ramen, or noodle in Japan (I mentioned about ramen in this post before). It depends on restaurants and regions though, we eat ramen with green onion and egg. This time I would like to write how to make eggs for ramen. We call it "ni-tamago" by the way. "ni" stands for "boiled" and "tamago" means "egg" in Japanese. So...let's do it, shall we? :)

Firstly, find eggs to cook. In Japan, most sold eggs can eat raw (about raw eggs, see this post), but I don't think it needs to be such eggs since we are going to boil them. If you're not sure, ask the store. Then start heating water with pan.

Tip: When you cook boiled eggs, can you peel them easily? If you can't, here's something helps you. Just before dropping into the pan with boiled water, make a small hole on the bottom of the egg. Once you did it, drop it immediately to the boiled water. If you make a hole and leave without anything for a while, it won't work.

I put four eggs this time :)

"How long should I wait?" you might think. Well, it depends on the situation of eggs and your favorite. When I cook eggs taken from the fridge just ago, I wait about 8 minutes. If I put it in the warm kitchen in advance, it would takes 7 minutes and 30 seconds. Personally I like half-boiled eggs, this is my way. But if you want to make it well-done, wait another 2 minutes or so. You had better cook three times to find your own way.

While it's boiling, let's cook other things which makes boiled eggs tasty. This time I took soy sauce, mirin, or sweet cooking rice wine, and sugar.
I prepared:

Soy sauce 60ml
Mirin 60ml
Sugar one teaspoon
water 120ml

It doesn't have to be fixed. I mean, this is for dipping. So if you have bigger reservoir, then keep the proportions the same and increase everything.

If you don't have neither soy sauce nor mirin, well, hmmm.... I know some people use the soup for instant ramen for making ni-tamago. (I'm not sure if it works though.)

Did you put all of ingredients in a pan? Then keep boiling it for a while (A few minutes) and leave it until it's cool down.

When you finish peeling and cool all eggs down, put the soup you just made and eggs in a reservoir, take it to the fridge for a day. That's all. When you eat it the next day, it will surely taste good :)  It lasts about 4 days for summer in Japan, and a week in winter but make sure every now and then, because it's just in my case. It could be spoiled before that, so just keep an eye on it. You can keep eggs dipping until you eat it, but if you feel it's too strong taste, then remove the soup.

Okay, time to eat with ramen!

I decided to eat it with green onion this time.

 Bean sprouts, boiled corn... It's totally up to you, use leftover vegetables in your fridge.

There are green and white part in green onion. Which color should we use? Well....whichever! I like white part when I was a kid, but recently I rather eat green one because of its strong taste.

Oh, I just remember. I also put pieces of chopped cabbages. I should have boiled it for seconds so that it is softer, but I forgot.

This is it :) I usually add grated garlic a little bit, however, I had to go to work so I didn't, haha.

Well, that's all this time. Do you think it's difficult to prepare ingredients such as soy sauce and mirin, or you can't wait for a day? If so, don't hesitate to eat ramen with a boiled egg. It's also good. I don't eat much ramen  though, I always have this tasty boiled eggs in my fridge and eat one by one when I'm hungry. Hopefully you can enjoy cooking it ;)


  1. こんにちわ!
    How are you doing?
    I am actually all better now and today I am going to Den Haag to do some shopping ^^ (I have been doing this way too much lately, but I am an shopping addict so... I can't help it :P )

    Now, let's see..
    You made a post about Ramen.
    Lucky for me of course because I have to cook it real soon.
    I love the pictures in this post by the way.
    Your Ramen looks very scrumptious.
    And thanks to your clear explanations I can't cook it wrong at home :) ありがとう!
    By the way, I didn't know you had to 'soak' your eggs in that soup. I guess it will definitely add that little extra to the taste :)

    I think I need to hurry now, I need to catch the bus at 10.39 AM and it is already 9.43 AM and I am still not ready, besides I have to walk a a few minutes to the bus stop.

    Let's chat again soon, ne? ^.^

    1. Good evening, Suzanne-san ;)

      I guess you are asleep by now.
      Did you enjoy shopping in Den Haag?
      I imagined what it's like there, so when you visit there again, could you please take some pictures? :D

      Enjoy cooking and eating ramen!^^
      You know, tasty boiled egg is one of the most common toppings for ramen because of easiness to cook, suited to many kinds of tastes for ramen.
      It's better to soak eggs a day or two, but if you don't have ingredients to make soup to soak, just put the plain boiled egg, it also works.
      Now you have a big bowl, chopsticks and ramen!
      You can cook many many times :D

      I actually didn't sleep well, as you know.
      However I have a work to do today!
      Hmmmm.....I will do what I can do! :)

      (Have a nice dream.)