From right here,

Severe days of depression has finally gone, and I suppose I can start a fresh day today. I always feel I couldn't survive when I was down, as if it's the end of my life, and it sometimes looks way better killing myself than suffering forever. But there's no ending of my life only if I don't give up. It doesn't mean bad days will never engulf me though, let me just sit on my chair and take some rest for now.  I don't have to be a big person, I know I can't be. However, I would like to be an honest person who can care for people around me.

Well...let's start again :)


  1. Vive la Renaissance!!!! Rebirth is Time for creation and novelty!!!!! Enjoy the week-end!!!

    1. Thank you so much :)
      I went to Edo-Tokyo Open-air Architectural museum again!
      That museum never stop attracting me! :D